Census Roster

The Census Roster is used to determine state apportionment. This roster reflects all students who are actively enrolled as of the census day. It is important that Census Rosters be given immediate attention on the due date. State financial support of the College is based on these reports.

Before Submitting Your Census Roster

Complete the following prior to submitting your Census Roster in MyDelta.

Check the Due Date

Make note of the Census Date of your class. Census Rosters should be submitted as close to the census date as possible, but not before. It is highly recommended that you submit the Census Roster following the class meeting closest to the census date to ensure the accuracy of your roster.

Census Date can be viewed by click on a course from your schedule in MyDelta.

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Complete All Adds

Students are not allowed to participate in class unless they are offically enrolled. Review the roster carefully and verify that it accurately reflects all students who are actively attending the class. Please note that students may not be added on or after census date. To be eligible for apportionment, a student must be enrolled in class by the last business day prior to the census.

If you have students attending class who are not indicated on the Census Roster, please e-mail the student's name, identification number, course code, and the first date of attendance to the Admissions and Records Office (see Assistance) to ascertain if the student is eligible for enrollment in the course.

Reinstate Students

If you previously dropped a student that has subsequently returned to class, the student must be reinstated prior to the census. You can reinstate a student from the Class Roster in MyDelta. 

Drop Students — Mandatory Withdrawals

On or before the last business day before the course census date, a faculty member shall mandatorily drop a student who has been identified as a no show or is no longer participating in the course, except if there are extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances are verified cases of accident, illness, and other circumstances beyond the control of the student. Non-participation is defined as excessive unexcused absences. Excessive absenteeism is defined as one more absence than the class meets per week (BP5075). 

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Submit Your Census Roster Electronically

Once all items from the above Checklist are completed, you must submit your Census Roster by certifying the roster on MyDelta

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