Manual for Student Attendance & Grade Reporting

On-Campus Add Issues

Students should be referred to the Admissions & Records Office for assistance if an Add form was submitted, but the student was not added to the course (please allow 48 hours for processing).

Students are sent an email regarding enrollment issues, and hard copy reports verifying student enrollment or issues preventing enrollment are sent via campus mail to the faculty member.

Online Class Add Issues

If you need assistance with the following:

  • Adding a student with an approved Course Repeat Petition to an online course.
  • Attempting to add a student from the electronic Wait List Roster and an error occurs.

Get Help


Students may be reinstated up until the final drop date for a course via the Class Roster in the Faculty Center in MyDelta.

After the final drop date, a signed Instructor Add Memorandum (Add form) is required to reinstate a student in an on-campus course.

Reports, Rosters and Lists

Below are a several resources and a brief list of the information they provide:

Wait List Roster

  • Adding  or Dropping Wait Listed Students
  • Helpful Hints
  • Closing Your Wait List

Drop Roster

  • Instruction for Use
  • Mandatory Requirements
  • Full-Term Classes
  • Summer, Short-Term, Positive Attendance, or Irregularly Scheduled Classes
  • Pass/No Pass Grading Option
  • Instruction for Pass/No Pass Grading Option

Census Roster

  • Check the Due Date
  • Complete All Adds
  • Reinstate Students
  • Drop Students
  • Submit Roster Electronically

Positive Attendance Roster

  • Reporting Period Hours
  • Total Hours Reported to Date

Grade Roster

  • Pass/No Pass Grades
  • Submission Requirements
  • Grading Options
  • Grading Options - Pass/No Pass
  • Academic Grade Change Form
  • Grading Standards

Roster Submission and Certification

  • Instruction for submission


Appendix A

  • Policy BP4200 - Finals
  • Procedure AP4200 - Finals
  • Policy BP4220.1 - Course Repetition
  • Procedure AP4220.1 - Course Repetition
  • Policy BP4230 - Grading Symbols
  • Procedure AP4230- Grading Symbols
  • Procedure AP4230.1 - Pass/No Pass Grading Option
  • Policy BP4231 - Grade Change
  • Procedure AP4231 - Grade Change
  • Policy BP4235 - Credit by Examination
  • Procedure AP4235 - Credit by Examination
  • Policy BP4250 - Scholastic Probation
  • Procedure AP4250 - Scholastic Probation
  • Procedure BP5052 - Prerequisite/Corequisite
  • Policy BP5075 -Course Registration, Adds & Drops
  • Procedure AP5075 - Course Registration, Adds & Drops

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