Facilities Plan Update

San Joaquin Delta College has initiated the process of assessing and evaluating the facility requirements across our district, focusing on how to optimally cater to the present and future needs of our students. The Facilities Plan is a crucial component of our comprehensive planning approach, enabling us to regularly assess conditions, pinpoint requirements, and adapt proactively to ensure sustained success.

Facilities planning across the district is an ongoing, meticulously executed endeavor that considers numerous factors, including existing and projected student enrollments, as well as the functionalities and capacities of our facilities.

Through collaborative efforts with all stakeholders and architectural consultants, we have gathered insights on facility needs and enhancements, facilitating the development of an updated plan that aligns with current priorities, addresses student requirements, and is responsive to the evolving educational landscape.

An updated Technology Plan, which aligns with and supports both the Educational Plan and the Facilities Plan, will also be incorporated into this planning project.

The Facilities Committee of College representatives is serving as the advisory group for the project.

Latest News

Interviews are being conducted with representatives of students and campus stakeholders to gather information about the current planning context, as well as issues that will be important to consider in the facilities and technology planning process. Additional stakeholder engagement sessions are currently being scheduled.