General Policies

  1. All activities at The Market at Delta College are subject to San Joaquin Delta College District policies and local, federal, and state laws.
  2. All vendors agree to abide by the specific rules of The Market as outlined in the Market rules and regulations or any The Market documentation.
  3. The Market staff reserves the right to refuse admittance to vendors and/or patrons of The Market.
  4. The Market is not responsible for any damages.
  5. Refunds of space rentals are not permitted.
  6. In compliance with San Joaquin Delta College District Policy 9850, dogs are not allowed in The Market (except service animals/seeing-eye dogs).
  7. Vendors and patrons are expected to behave in an orderly and polite manner while attending The Market. Any action (i.e. cursing at Market staff, vendors, or patrons; physical abuse of The Market staff, vendors, vendor property, patrons, Delta College property, or Market property; and the disregard for instructions delivered by The Market staff) deemed as disorderly conduct will result in IMMEDIATE removal from the Market. Other discipline may also result. If you are a vendor, this action will also result in a forfeiture of your occupancy fees.