Sellers Permit

The State of California requires businesses to obtain a seller's permit. Market vendors are considered a business if they rent a space at the Market more than two days total, in a calendar year. 
Vendors who are considered a business by the State of California must submit:

  • A valid Driver's License 
  • A copy of their Seller's Permit (Seller's Permit must note San Joaquin Delta College's address, 5151 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95207) or the Seller's Permit is not considered valid, and will not be honored.​

Food Sale Requirements: 

  • San Joaquin County Environmental Health Certificate
  • A City of Stockton Business License
  • A Certificate of Insurance [ Must meet District Insurance Requirement Standards] 

Fresh Flower and Plant Merchants:    

  • Nursey Stock License from the Department of Food and Agriculture
  • A City of Stockton Business License

Recording Industry Products:

  • State of California  Retail Sales Number
  • A City of Stockton Business License
    • Vendor must sell items that are unopened with shrink-wrapped packaging

Prohibited Sales:

  • Alcohol, tobacco, and/or tobacco products
  • Animals
  • Fireworks, or any incendiary devices
  • Gold (buying and selling)
  • Knock-offs and/or replicas of names brands 
  • Illegal drugs and/or drug paraphernalia
  • Private videos, CD’s, 8-Tracks or DVD’s
  • Pornographic material
  • Tasers
  • Used Mattresses
  • Weapons of any style including, but not limited to: knives and guns