Goleman Library Mission

Mission Statement

Goleman Library is committed to excellence in providing instructional support services throughout the district. Our goal is to support the mission of San Joaquin Delta College in the following ways:

  • To provide print, nonprint and electronic resources in sufficient quantity, depth and diversity to serve the instructional program as well as the general and cultural interests of our students, faculty and staff.
  • To provide a bibliographic instruction and information literacy program that is committed to excellence in teaching students the knowledge, skills and competencies needed for successful academic achievement and life-long learning.
  • To provide a state-of -the-art learning environment in the use of traditional library services and emerging technologies.
  • To continue to expand efforts in cooperation with the Sierra Valley Library Network, 49-99/CAL Consortium and other institutions to provide materials and services.
  • To recruit and maintain a sufficient number of diverse staff of quality professionals.
  • To provide a comfortable and safe learning environment.
  • To accommodate and serve students with special needs.
  • To provide services to patrons of all ages, genders and ethnic backgrounds.
  • To uphold the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights.