Reserves: Digital, Physical, Electronic

Reserve Book program
Student access to textbooks in the Library
Faculty, please contact your TrAC Librarian for details about digital reserve options.

Digital/Electronic Reserves
(with Copyright controls)
Physical Reserves
(Physical book, at the Library Circ, One-hour/In-library use only, Student scanning/photocopying)

Digital Scanned/Partial (up to 10% of a copyrighted book)
  • Based on case law, Library can provide access for SJDC students to scanned images of up-to 10% of a copyrighted book.
  • Book owned by the Library, or owned by the course instructor.
  • Only SJDC students and staff; up to two hours viewing; no download
  • Complete the Digital Reserves form to request digitization and access via OneSearch for up-to-10% of your print textbook.
  • Search to see if the Library already owns the physical book title in OneSearch (the SJDC Library Catalog)
  • If the Library owns the book, email the Circulation Desk to request that the physical book be placed at the Reserve Desk.
  • If you own the book, and want to place it on Physical Reserve, please print/complete Reserve Room Intake form and bring it to the Library along with the book.

Digital Scanned/Complete (100% of a copyrighted cook)
  • Library selectively provides Controlled Digital Lending (CDL).
  • CDL is online access to 100% of the content for physical books that the Library owes (but does NOT check out physically)
  • CDL rules:
    • Only SJDC students and staff can access
    • Up to two hours viewing online
    • No downloading
  • Please contact your TrAC librarian to discuss CDL options.

Electronic: A published e-book or e-textbook
  • Textbook publishers generally will not license an e-textbook to any library.
  • If you are using an OER or ZTC book, and would like SJDC Library to link to that content, we are enthusiastic to do so.
  • SJDC Library has a large and growing e-book collection. (Small sample from OneSearch.)       
    • Some licensed e-books are appropriate for use as textbooks.
    • We encourage faculty to consider using a licensed e-book from the Library's collection as a textbook. Please contact your TrAC librarian for details.       
SJDC Library strictly follows US Copyright Law. More details in this video.
NOTE: Presuming that a copy of the book is available for scanning or other processing, please allow up to 7 working days for student access to Digital or Physical materials.
Updated: 16-May-2024 sms