Terms of Offer

Once you are awarded your financial aid you will be required to electronically sign a “Terms of Offer” in order to receive your disbursement.  The “Terms of Offer” serves as your agreement to follow all of the policies of the financial aid department.  Below you will find the contents of the “Terms of Offer” for your reference.

Additionally, we highly recommend that you speak with a Financial Aid representative if you plan to drop a course for ANY reason so that you can make sure you know what the consequences of your financial aid will be.  In some cases, dropping a course with an EW for COVID reasons will not affect your financial aid.  However, there are some cases that dropping a course for ANY reason will result in you owing funds back.

Please contact the financial aid department directly if you have any questions.

Financial Aid, Scholarships and Veterans Services 
Terms of Offer 

In accepting an offer of financial aid, you acknowledge responsibility for understanding and complying with all the laws, regulations and rules that govern the various financial aid programs. The TERMS OF OFFER is an official agreement between you and the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Department and is in force throughout the term of the award. Failure to comply with all of the laws, regulations and rules, may result in cancellation or an adjustment of the award and may require repayment of part or all funds disbursed to you. Because the laws and rules governing financial aid programs frequently change, the TERMS OF OFFER is subject to change without prior notice. The following general requirements apply to all financial aid programs: 

  1. Availability of Funds: All awards are made on condition that funds are available. In the event that the state or federal government reduces or eliminates funds, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Department will reduce and/or cancel your award. 
  2. Change in Information: You must immediately report any change in your name, address, or telephone number. It must be reported to Admissions and Records and also you will need to update your information with BankMobile https://bankmobilevibe.com 
  3. Enrollment, Change in Enrollment Status, Late Starting Classes, and Withdrawal: Our offer of financial aid is made on the condition that you are enrolled and attending courses at this college. To receive a full-time award, you must enroll in and maintain a minimum of 12 units throughout the semester. You will receive an award for three-quarter time status if you enroll in and maintain 9 to 11.5 units. Half-time status is 6 to 8.5 units. Less than half-time payments are based on 0.5 to 5.5 units.
    • Late-Starting/Short-Term Classes will not be counted towards your enrollment status until the class actually starts. As a result, your disbursement may be reduced or delayed until the actual class begins. 
    • Financial Aid Census Date: Each semester there is a date that your final enrollment is based on. Whatever your enrollment is at the end of the Census Date is the amount of units that your award will be based on for the semester. Any courses you add after this date will not be included in your financial aid award. The Financial Aid Census Dates are:
      • Fall 2022: 10/14/2022 
      • Spring 2023: 03/10/2023 
      • Summer 2023: 06/30/2023
    • A change in enrollment status during a semester may change or cancel your award. If you withdraw, your remaining financial aid award will be cancelled and you may be responsible for paying back some of the funds you had previously received. 
    • Withdrawing From School: Any student who receives financial aid and withdraws from ALL classes prior to completing 60% of the semester/program and/or courses may be required to repay a portion or all financial aid received. CONTACT THE FINANCIAL AID OFFICE BEFORE WITHDRAWING FROM ANY COURSE.
    • During the COVID Pandemic, exceptions may be made for students that receive and "Excused Withdrawal" in all of their courses. Please be sure to contact the Financial Aid Office for specific questions on your award.
  4. Satisfactory Academic Progress: By accepting financial aid, you have read and understood the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress policy, summarized as follows:
    • Student is enrolled in an eligible program for the purpose of completing an AA/AS Degree or Certificate Program. 
    • Student will maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.0. 
    • Student will complete at least 67% of units attempted each semester, and 67% of their cumulative units attempted. 
    • Student must not have already completed 150% or more units of total college coursework required for the program the student is enrolled in. This unit total includes all repeated courses at Delta and all courses at other higher education institutions. NOTE: All courses will count towards a student’s financial aid eligibility. As soon as a course is passed with a grade “D” or better, students may only receive financial aid for one more repetition of the course. 
  5. Overawards: Students must repay any funds received in excess of the amount to which they are entitled; regardless of the reason they received those excess funds. 
  6. Financial Holds: Students who have outstanding financial balances at the college are subject to having their financial aid disbursements held or delayed until payment has been made. These holds will also sometimes prevent the student from adding/dropping classes . 

  7. Application of Financial Aid: Financial Aid will be applied to student's tuition fees first; any leftover funds will be disbursed to the student. 

  8. Debt owed to San Joaquin Delta College: Students that accept these Terms of Offer agree that if they have any debt owed to San Joaquin Delta College it will automatically be deducted from their financial aid disbursement. If the financial aid disbursement exceeds the debt owed, the remaining balance of the financial aid will be disbursed to the student. 



Per federal regulations, schools must determine the amount of the Title IV program assistance a student earns if they withdraw from school. The Title IV Programs at San Joaquin Delta College covered by this law are: 

  • Federal Pell Grants 
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOGs) 
  • Direct loans 

Once a student withdraws from school, they may be in repayment or may be eligible for additional funds. 

All repayments will be reported electronically to the U.S. Department of Education and students will not be eligible to receive any additional financial aid until: 

  • The full repayment balance has been paid in full, OR
  • Proof of satisfactory payment arrangements with the U.S. Department of Education is submitted. 

*If you receive financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing from any course.