Brendon Parker

2023 Student Art Exhibition


Artist Statement:

Hello! I’m Brendon Parker from Tracy, California. As a member of Generation Z, I use vintage Polaroid cameras to capture life's small beauties on Polaroid instant film. Photography has been a constant (and pricy) source of joy, helping me survive the pandemic. Above all else, I create art for the happiness and self-fulfillment it brings.

My journey into photography began in 2020 after my dear grandmother’s passing. In the difficult process of sorting her belongings, we discovered the Polaroid camera she captured family memories with. I lovingly dedicate my work to her.

My style is clean, crisp, and colorful, with a dreamlike quality only Polaroid film can capture. I love pushing the medium’s boundaries by using additional lenses, physical filters, and fun ‘special edition’ films. For example, “Wild ’n’ Reckless” was shot on miniature Polaroid Go film, with a pink translucent gel over half the lens.

Of course, a loose Polaroid photo doesn't make much of an impact on its own. That’s why I have fun mounting my work in custom frames with mats and graphic-designed backgrounds I create myself. You may notice the mats and backgrounds are color-matched to the photos and even riff on the photo’s theme. It’s a fun way to tie everything together and draw the eye in.

While I enjoy shooting a variety of subjects, I’m a big fan of flowers. My photography friends have coined the verb “to Bren,” meaning ‘to take pictures of flowers!’ I often go for walks to shoot flowers around the neighborhood — I know where the best ones are. To capture “Summer Drive” I asked my mom to pull over onto the side of the road because I just could not miss the shot.

Outside the gallery, I am pursuing an exciting and fruitful career in acting. In my spare time I love to sing and record music, go for walks, and work on vintage arcade machines.

You can find me on Instagram @brens.polas, where I'm part of a vibrant community of instant photographers. While instant film may be an obscure format, I find it to be incredibly versatile and fun to work with. I can't wait to continue exploring techniques and experimenting with framing as I pursue opportunities to exhibit my work.


Summer Drive (2021)
Polaroid Color 600 Film, graphic art backdrop
10”h x 10”w


Wild ’n’ Reckless (2023)
Polaroid Color Go Film, graphic art backdrop
11”h x 9”w