Kylie Richards

2023 Student Art Exhibition


Artist Statement:

Art has enveloped me since the first day I was introduced to it. And any time I would try and stray from art- it would find me again with its warm grasp and remind me what it meant to be me. Now I am pursuing my art dreams by majoring in Art Education with a minor in Studio Arts with a hope to one day become a High School Art Teacher. I’ve found through my passion in art that I would love to someday be the person who brings that passion into the lives of others. Through what I like to call my “cigarette series” I have been able to not only quit smoking cigarettes but also use the art to let out my feelings and overcome something that at one point I thought I could never let go. I hope to inspire through this series not just to show the grasp that nicotine addiction has but also to show that art can be used in any way to express the emotions we tend to hide from the light.


Proposition 31 (2022)
Glazed ceramic 
10.5”h x 14.25”w