Why Choose Our Sociology Program?

There are many definitions of what sociology is, but most sociologists would agree with faculty at Eastern Washington University who state that:

Sociology is the systematic study of human behaviors and human society. It is probably the broadest and most diverse discipline in social science. Sociologists are interested in large-scale social processes such as globalization as well as everyday interactions between individuals.

Sociologists study a wide range of subject matters including family & marriage, race, immigration, gender, poverty & inequality, children & youth, aging, education, religion, crime & deviance, terrorism, sports, popular cultures, environment & technology, social movements & revolutions, and many, many more. Indeed, sociologists study pretty much anything people do, think or say.

Moreover, sociologists emphasize the careful gathering and analysis of evidence to enrich our understanding of the social world. We conduct our research using a variety of methods such as surveys, field research, focus groups, in-depth interviews, historical documents, census data, content analysis of media and other materials.

Sociology challenges our every day, taken-for-granted view of the social world. It offers powerful insights as to how broad social forces shape our own personal experiences and outcomes in our own lives.

The Interdisciplinary Studies, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences option is designed for the student planning to transfer to a four-year college or university. Social and Behavioral Sciences courses explore the relationships between individual human behavior and the development and transformation of human cultural, social, political, and economic institutions. Courses in this option explore the theoretical foundations and core concepts and methods underlying the study of human institutions from a western and non-western perspective. Transfer majors appropriate for this option include but are not limited to: Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology. With careful planning, the student will be able to complete lower division transfer preparation while concurrently completing the Associate in Arts degree.

Certificate and Degree Options


  • Interdisciplinary Studies, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Option, AA

For certificate and degree requirements, please visit the College Catalog.

What can I do with my degree?

Because it is such a diverse discipline, Sociology can help prepare you for a broad spectrum of careers. Your knowledge in sociology can be applied in both public and private sectors in areas such as social services, non-profit organizations, community advocacy, business administration, public relations, marketing, education, criminal justice, and more.

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