POST Academy Selection Procedures

Applicants who are hired as a peace officer trainee and sponsored by a law enforcement agency shall have priority registration.

Applicants who earn a passing score on the PELLETB examination will be provided with the information for registering into the Academy orientation. If the number of independent applicants who earn a qualifying score on the POST PELLETB examination exceeds the available seats allowed, a class wait list will be established.

Independent applicants who place himself/herself on the class wait list will be admitted only with the permission of the Academy Coordinator. The applicants on the Class Wait List must attend the first class meeting and be present to be considered for movement from the Class Wait List to the class; however, it will be at the discretion of the Academy Coordinator to determine if you can be added to the AJ 094 orientation class.

If we have more than 60 eligible applicants for the Basic Peace Officer Academy, placement into the Academy will be offered to applicants based on the following SELECTION CRITERIA.

Points will be granted based on the following criteria:


All degrees must be from an accredited College or University

  • 3 points - Earned Bachelor degree or higher
  • 2 points - Earned Associate degree
  • 1 point - High School or equivalent


  • 3 points - 60 or higher
  • 2 points - 50 to 59
  • 1 point - 42 to 49

One and a Half Mile Run

To be administered during applicable AJ 094 Orientation Course

  • 3 points - 12 minutes or less
  • 2 points - 12:01 to 15:00 minutes
  • 1 point - 15:01 minutes or higher


  • 10 points - Hired by a law enforcement agency with sponsorship or successful completion of previous module at Delta College
  • 5 points - Current Reserve Officer for law enforcement agency (Modules II or I)
  • 2 points - Active, reserve and/or honorably discharged military service member
  • 2 points - Inability to enroll in previous academy due to limited space (class ranking) or failed to complete previous Delta Academy course