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Since its inception in 1970, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing has supported and encouraged the professional development of all educators. An educator's growth is valued as a mark of professional stature and as a source and a stimulant of student growth and achievement. The Commission believes that “learning students” are most likely to be found in the presence of “learning teachers” and other educators.

The Commission strongly believes that an educator's professional growth should be guided by goals and priorities that relate to enhanced competence, performance, and effectiveness in the education of students and that it should be planned as cohesive sequences of activities. The Commission also believes that professional educators benefit from a collegial process of consultation regarding their professional goals, priorities, and needs. Such collegial consultation should be available for educators when they conceive and develop their professional growth plans. Individuals who must complete professional growth activities for the renewal of their permit should consult with colleagues who qualify as advisors for help with the development of growth goals, priorities and plans on an on-going basis.

The California Professional Growth Manual for Holders of the Child Development Permit relates only to Child Development Permits issued after February 1, 1997. All but one level of the Permit will require 105 clock hours of professional growth for each five year renewal cycle. The holder of the Associate Teacher Child Development Permit will be required to complete 15 semester units toward full completion of the Teacher level of the permit during the five-year validity period of the permit. During the second five-year permit period, the holder will be expected to complete the requirements for the Teacher level of the permit. There is no option for a third issuance of the Associate Teacher Child Development Permit. This mandatory up-grade within ten years replaces the Professional Growth requirement for this level of the permit. All other permit levels will be subject to Professional Growth requirements.

If your permit states in the renewal requirement that you must complete professional growth activities, you must obtain “The California Professional Growth Manual for Child Development Permits.” This manual may be obtained from:

San Joaquin County Office Of Education 209 468-4899
Credentialing Department

Commission on Teacher Credentialing 916 445-7254
Box 944270 Automated information 24 hrs/day
Sacramento, CA 94244-2700 Personalized service 12:30 - 4:30 p.m.
Web Site:

If you hold a professional clear Multiple Subject, Single Subject, services, specialist, or designated subjects credential and you also hold a Child Development Permit, you are required to complete the more stringent standard of activity requirements and successful service needed for the credential rather than the permit.

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