How to Choose Your Career

Career Planning Life Cycle includes Self Assessment, Explore Occupations, Experience Work-Based Learning and Plan Job Search.

What will you be? How do you decide? Whether you have an idea of the career you want to pursue or you are undecided, you can benefit from the Career Life Planning cycle. The Career Life Planning cycle takes you through phases of active reflection and consideration with follow-up actions. At Delta College, we offer Counseling Courses to help you with each phase as well as provide resources in the Career Center to support you with your reflection, exploration and decision making.

Steps in Career Life Planning Cycle

1. Self Assessment - Gather information about yourself.

  • Take COUN 30
  • Identify: Skills, Interests, Values, Achievements, Employability Skills, Transferable Skills, Knowledge, Lifestyle, Preferences

2. Explore Occupations - Gather information about the world of work.

  • Take COUN 31 and 32
  • Identify: Career Options, Written Resources, Fields of Interests, Career Contacts, Educational & Job Requirements, Employment Outlook

3. Experience Work-Based Learning Opportunities - Gain hands-on work experience.

  • Take COUN 32
  • Identify: Practical Job Skills, Transferable Skills, Relationship of Classes to Career Choice, Work Experience, Job Objective

4. Plan Job Search Campaign - Take steps towards a successful job hunt.

  • Take COUN 33
  • Identify: Employers, Specific Job Titles, Resume Formats, Career Paths, Investigate the Hidden Job Market, Interviewing Techniques

The Decision Making Process

  1. Define the issue
  2. Gather relevant information
  3. Generate alternatives
  4. Consider consequences
  5. Make a decision

Help With Decision Making

  • Set Goals: Set realistic goals that are Specific & measurable. Good job fit that is Compatible with values
  • Take COUN 8
  • Written Resources: College Catalogs, Career Technical Education Programs, Encyclopedia of Careers, Occupational Outlook Handbook

Career Counseling Course Descriptions
COUN 30, Career Self-Assessment

Prerequisites: None

Advisories: Reading 091A

1.0 Unit

This course is designed to introduce the student to the career life planning process. The course emphasizes self-assessment as the first major step in the career life planning process. The student explores career choices by identifying his/her personality, strengths, skills, interests, values, and preferred lifestyle. (UC, CSU)

COUN 31, Career Exploration

Prerequisites: None

1.0 Unit

This course is designed to provide the student with opportunities to explore specific occupations of his/her choice through utilization of career center resources. The course includes investigation of job duties, training, and educational requirements, desired employee characteristics, salary ranges, and future employment trends. (UC, CSU)

COUN 32, Career Information Interviewing

1.0 Unit

Prerequisites: None

This course is designed to assist the student in obtaining career information directly from individuals employed in areas of his/her career interest by conducting informational interviewing. The course includes information on how to create a networking system, make the initial contacts, prepare interview questions, direct the information interview, and analyze information obtained. (CSU)

COUN 33, Job Seeking Skills

Prerequisites Skills: Reading level II.

1.0 Unit

This course is designed to assist the student with the development of successful job search techniques including networking, resume writing, and job interviewing skills. The course includes techniques on how to find and how to get the desired job and information about the hidden job market. (CSU)

COUN 34, Extended Activities

Prerequisites: None

Advisories: COUN 30 and COUN 31 each with a grade of "CR" or better.

0.5 - 2.0 Units

This course is designed for the student who seeks individualized career exploration, educational investigation, and decision-making assistance. The student meets with a counselor to plan activities that may include assessment of skills, interests, and values; utilization of Career Transfer Center resources; participation in approved workshops, connection to community resource network; and follow-up meetings with the counselor to develop a career goal and Student Education Plan (SEP). The student also attends a mandatory COUN 34 orientation session. The course may be taken for a maximum of 2 units. (CSU)

COUN 35, Extended Activities II

Prerequisites: None

0.5 Units

This course is designed for the students who seek to further study, research, and choose a career path in a structured and supportive lab environment devoted to career and education resources. The student completes assignments that provide additional opportunities to self-assess, examine, and create a plan choose from among his/her career option. Students may also participate in approved workshops and utilize campus and community resources. (CSU)

COUN 36, Extended Activities III: Resources for Program Completion

Prerequisites: None

0.5 Units

This course is designed for the student who seeks individualized assistance with various admission and graduation processes. The student completes assignments that may include self-assessment of academic and career interests in a structured and supportive lab environment devoted to career and transfer resources. Students may complete assignments that include identifying a college major, creating a UC TAP or CSU Mentor account, attending workshops, meeting with University Representatives, submitting applications, and participating in campus tours. (CSU)