The Career Center

The Career Center provides students the opportunity to learn about themselves, the world of work, how to gain valuable work experience and be successful in finding a job. Various printed and computerized resources are available to assist students with the decision-making process of selecting a career that best fits them.

The career life planning process goes beyond helping individuals overcome immediate career uncertainty as it helps them acquire skills necessary to manage their own career development over a lifetime.

The center is a place students come to investigate, explore and obtain occupational information, such as job descriptions, specialties, work environment, personal characteristics, educational requirements, and salary ranges.

Career Center Orientation (PDF)

Computer Program Descriptions

Eureka Logo Eureka: is the only computerized California based career information system.
For the 419 plus related occupations, there is a description including job duties, pay, employment outlook, preparation needed, and a list of the industries, which employ people in an occupation. Educational information includes: a description of degree programs and a list of school offering the program plus degree titles. The Financial Aid Guide contains a scholarship search database, college costs, financial aid, grants, loans, and special aid programs. The Job Search Guide covers preparing a resume, completing job applications, preparing for a job interview, letters, of introduction and networking. Visit

Career ZoneCalifornia Careerzone: is a successful career exploration and planning system designed especially for students. Users are encouraged to work through the Interest Profiler, Work Important Profiler, and Assess Yourself assessment based on the Holland Codes for self-exploration. Comprehensive information on 900 occupations includes state-specific wages, worker attributes, job characteristics, and much more. There are 300 career videos that give users a snapshot of the featured occupation. Visit

Written Assessment And Personality Inventories

MTBI LogoMyers-Briggs Type Indicator
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) is the most widely used instrument in business and education that measures personality dispositions and preferences. This instrument helps a person understand their interactions with others and heightens self-awareness as it relates to career decision making.
Visit the MBTI Website

Strong LogoStrong Interest Inventory
The Strong Interest Inventory (SII) is an assessment of your interests.
Your scores can help you identify general areas of interest as well as specific activities and occupations that you might want to further explore. The Strong measures yours interests, not your abilities, aptitude or values. It tells you about your pattern of interests and how your interest compares with those of people from a wide variety of occupations. Keep in mind that choosing an occupation is not a single decision, but a series of decisions. Your results on the Strong Interest Inventory can help you identify options that may lead you to a satisfying career. Visit the Strong Interest Inventory Website

SDS LogoSelf-directed Search is a self-scoring assessment which focuses on activities the students would like to do, those which they can do well or completely, a self-rating of job traits, and occupations. Students who participate in the Identifying Your Major & Career Goal Workshop will receive a Self-Directed Search Assessment Booklet and Occupations Finder at no cost.