Sean Bill

Visions In Clay 2020

Sean Bill

Artist Statement:

The hardship I go through in life and the happiness I feel though success is rendered in ceramic objects that are both sturdy yet fragile. Pushing clay in its plastic state to near failure presents a challenge I enjoy as a maker and aims to convey a level of torment. Sculptural forms are non-traditional, referencing environmental distress and human emotion. Forms begin on the potter’s wheel; taller vessels are thrown in sections and then attached.  After attachment, I stretch the form from the inside, cracking and tearing through the surface. As a ceramic artist working in clay I embrace my flaws, forms are voluminous and instinctive, aiming for visual appeal and conjecture. 

Bill's Pot

Spring Valley 2020
Stoneware, wheel-thrown and wood-fired to Cone 12
17” x 11” x 10”