Kyla Machado

2023 Student Art Exhibition

Artist Statement: 

I am nineteen years old and attending my second semester at Delta College. The pieces I submitted were created in my ceramics class on campus as well as a photography course I took. I am now in the advanced ceramics class. I also partake in ceramics outside of class as well and a drawing course. I plan to become an art teacher. I am currently taking the necessary classes needed. I intend on taking more art related classes in the future.

Man Made and the Natural (2022) I created a cylinder form. I formed the details of the lip and Coca Cola label. I created the flower and leaf filled puddle as well. I used underglazes and clear glaze.

The Splash (2021), I first started by setting up an enclosed space outside in the direct sunlight that included a dark backdrop. I used a glass cup, water, and a cherry. I set the camera to the needed setting to catch the fall of the cherry and splash together just right. I had the camera on continuous shooting and took multiple photographs in a short time with a tripod. I then edited my results on photoshop.


Man Made and the Natural (2022)
Stoneware, underglaze, clear glaze
10” x 4”


The Splash (2021)
Digital image
8” x 10”