Senate Goals & Objectives

Senate Goals & Objectives

Goals Objectives
Promote campus unity by supporting functions that aim to bring the entire campus together. Promote campus-wide activities including opportunities to "participate in shared governance" process by supporting the college mission statement, part in shared governance to promote student success.

Establish sub-committees within the whole senate committee:

  • Fund-raising
  • New Employee
  • Classified Retreat
  • Others Deemed Appropriate
To assign duties to sub-committees to facilitate our "completion of established goals".

Continue to be a recognized California Community College Classified Senate as a "Model Classified Senate"

Continue to be a "Model Classified Senate" that defines the standard of staff participation within the learning environment at San Joaquin Delta College. 4CS Standards include:

  • Participatory governance body
  • Approved bylaws/constitution and filed with 4CS
  • Administration recognizes participants
  • Up to date website
  • Communicate with 4CS

Participates in 4CS Statewide Senate Activities

Encourage conference attendance to CLI and CCLC, as well as resolve to send more officer volunteers to 4CS.

Shared Governance monitoring of potential classified leaders by current senators.

Develop two ongoing fund-raising activities to fund the Classified Senate Scholarship programs and other valid Senate business.

Create and promote on-going fund-raising opportunities.

To cover cost of membership in 4CS and assist in funding the Annual Classified Retreat.

Increase visibility of the Senate

Improve communication by outreach to internal constituencies such as Associated Students, Management Senate, Academic Senate and Human Resources by sending more information to them via e-mail, fliers, etc.

Model the "Senate Code of Ethics" while demonstrating a service-oriented attitude in all Senate interactions with all groups on campus.

Encourage shared governance appointees to report to the Senate via the e-mail, or attend senate meetings.

Publish a Classified Senate brochure for new hires and update the website as needed.