CCC Classified Senate (4CS)

What is the 4CS?

The 4Cs is a brief introduction to the California Community Colleges Classified Senate and its membership of independent senates and classified organizations

Who Are We?

  1. California Community College Classified Professional Organization
  2. The Statewide California Community Colleges Classified Senate
  3. Shared Governance Organization of Member Classified Senates
  4. Organized with a Twenty-one Member, Volunteer, Elected Executive Board
  5. Advocate for Shared Governance within the Community College System
  6. Serving the Classified Staff and Community College System Since 1995

Why Are We?

  1. Dedicated to the California Community College Student
  2. Represent CC Classified Staff's Shared Governance Interests
  3. Support the Concepts of an Educated Community
  4. Assist the State's Governmental and Higher Educational Officials
  5. Promote Staff Development, Leadership, Growth and Sharing
  6. Support the Mission of the California Community College System

What Are We?

  1. We Are Your Neighbors, Residing Throughout All Regions of California
  2. We Are Classified Staff as Defined by Section 88003, (1a) CA. Ed. Code
  3. We Are the Largest Group of CC Permanent Employees - The Classified Staff
  4. We Are an Invaluable California Community College Information Resource
  5. We Are an Incredible Variety of Academic Expertise and Technical Skills
  6. We Are Significant to the Success of the California CC System's Students

How Are We?

  1. Communicate by E-mail, Letters, Publications, Newsletters, Voice
  2. Cosponsor the Annual Classified Leadership Institute (CLI) with CCLC
  3. Maintain the 4CS Web Site and Personal Contacts for Sharing Information
  4. Meet Regularly as an Executive Board and with the General Membership
  5. Travel to California's Community Colleges and Senates to Share Ideas
  6. Contact Your Executive Board Officers and Area Representative:

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