Using ELMO with Zoom

Information on How to connect and use your ELMO camera with Zoom.

  1. Use the USB connection from the ELMO to the laptop usb port.
  2. Search google for the ELMO TT-02rx, this is for an older model ELMO that is posted as "discontinued", but there is a blue button there for access to the needed download.
  3. Download the ImageMate for either the Mac or PC version into your laptop as appropriate.
  4. Open ImageMate and you will get a window that displays the ELMO properly.
  5. Now, begin a Zoom meeting and go to Screen Share, then Advanced at the top, and choose your own screen at the left and a zoom-green box with show up around the ImageMate display on your computer screen. 
  6. Continue your meeting now with your face from the laptop web cam as a little image to the side for a guest and the main image on the ImageMate screen shared display of what you are writing.