Application Process FAQs

These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of SJ Delta College’s Associate Degree Nursing Program (ADN). They provide basic information, about the ADN program prerequisites, application process, and other common questions. If you have any questions about the ADN program that are not covered here or elsewhere on our website, please email

Do I need a Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer identification Number (ITIN) to apply to the program?

Yes. Hospitals and other clinical settings require that Delta College nursing and psychiatric technician students have completed a criminal background clearance. In addition, a SSN or a IITN is required for licensing.  All students accepted to the program will be required to provide a copy of their Social Security card or Individual Taxpayer identification Number (ITIN).

If I start the online application and then need to stop, will I need to start over?

No, The online application allows a student to save their application and return to it if done before the application deadline date.

Can I update my online application once it has been submitted?

No, once the online application has been submitted, no changes may be made.

Do need to send my transcripts to the college after I submit my online application for the ADN program?

You do not need to submit documentation at the time of application. However, you should have all the required materials available in case you are invited to submit all required documentation.

If you have attended other U.S. regionally approved colleges/universities you should order an official transcript(s). Have the transcript sent to your home because if you are invited to submit documentation, everything must be submitted at one time.

I have sent all my college transcripts to Delta College in the past. Do I need to send them again?

Yes, every applicant is required to submit official transcripts from all U.S. regionally approved college/university attended, regardless of applicability to nursing requirements, even if the Evaluations Department has received your transcript(s) in the past.

What happens after I submit supporting documentation?

The documentation must confirm all information provided in the online application. Late documentation will not be accepted and any missing or insufficient documentation will result in disqualification. You will be able to check the status of your applications in the application system. Please refer to the initial application email for instructions on checking your status.

Email notifications will no longer be sent and it is the responsibility of the student to check his or her status online in the application system.

I was notified that I am an alternate to the program. What does this mean?

Being an alternate means that all spaces have been filled. If a qualified applicant declines their space in the program, we will contact those students on the alternate list. We do not maintain the alternate list after classes start. Alternates who are not offered a space in the program will need to reapply during the next application period.

Do you keep a waiting list for admission to the next semester?

No, students who are not offered a space in the program will need to reapply during the next application period.

How will I know that my application was processed?

You will receive one confirmation email to your Delta College student email, once your application has been successfully submitted. Following the email, you will need to log into the system at the assigned program dates listed on our website in order to check if additional documentation is required, and your final ranking status

If I have a degree from a foreign country, will I receive admission points for having this degree?

San Joaquin Delta College does not evaluate foreign transcripts nor is credit granted for foreign coursework.

Students with a degree (AA/AS, BA/BS or higher) from a school outside the United States must have their foreign transcript evaluated by a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) approved independent agency (evaluation must be in a sealed envelope from the agency). The evaluation must specify equivalency to an AA/AS or a BA/BS degree or higher from a U.S. regionally accredited college.

The NACES evaluation will be used ONLY to award points as part of ADN admission criteria.