Nurse Assistant Training (FAQs)

How do I apply to the Program?

The Nurse Assistant Training program application is an online application. There will be a random selection for the program. Selected candidates will be notified through their Delta College Student email and will be sent an information packet, which will include the course code number for registration into the class.

The clinical requirements in the packet include:

  1. Background and Drug screen
  2. Physical Assessment
  3. Two negative TB skin tests within the past 6 months or Chest X-ray within 2 years
  4. Flu shot during flu season (October - March)
  5. Malpractice Insurance
  6. Fingerprinting

The following are recommended immunizations but not required:

  • 2MMR's or Mumps Titre, Rubeola Titre and Rubella Titre
  • Tetanus, Pertussis & Diptheria (Tdap)
  • Hepatitis B Titre or Hep B Series (followed by a Titre)
  • Hepatitis C Titre
  • Varicella Titre

CPR Certification at one of the following levels is recommended but not required:

  • BLS for Healthcare Providers - American Heart Association
  • CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer - American Red Cross
  • CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer - American Safety & Health Institute
  • CPR online courses are NOT acceptable.

What is a typical schedule?

The Nurse Assistant training program is 10 weeks in the spring and fall semesters. Students attend lecture for the first five days of the program. Beginning the second week of training, students will attend lecture two days per week and clinical two days a week, class times will vary. Please refer to the current schedule of classes for the current days and times

Can I work while I am in the Program?

There are no policies prohibiting students from working while in the Nurse Assistant training program, students are strongly advised to limit work hours as much as possible. A major cause of student failure is excessive work hours which limit study time. It is essential that each student allot a minimum of three hours of study time for each hour of lecture.

What about financial aid?

Due to the length of the course, financial aid options are limited. Candidates may be eligible for fee and tuition waivers. Candidates are advised to seek additional information from the Financial Aid office or their Financial Aid Specialist the office is located in the DeRicco Student Services Building Foyer or by visiting the Financial Aid web site at Financial Aid

I have a criminal history. Can I still apply to the nurse assistant training program?

All candidates must submit fingerprint information prior to enrolling into the program. Unfortunately, the results of this fingerprinting may not be available until very late in the program or after completion. If the candidate does not receive fingerprint clearance, they will not be allowed to complete the certification examination.

The information brochure contains a summary of acts which could lead to denial of certification. The list includes crimes of violence, forgery, theft and others. Candidates are encouraged to review this information prior to applying to the program. Background Clearance Information

How much does the program cost?

While it is not possible to give specific costs for each individual, a listing of typical costs follows below:

  • Tuition: 7 units @ $46 per unit $322
  • Textbooks $90
  • Clinical Requirements: TB skin test, flu shot, physical exam or Health Assessment (specific costs may vary)
  • Background and Drug Screen $87.75
  • Scrubs and supplies (specific costs may vary) Fingerprinting - Delta College covers this cost Malpractice Insurance $25
  • American Red Cross Testing $110