Psychiatric Technician FAQs

I have taken prerequisite and general education courses at other colleges. How will I know if they are equivalent to Delta College courses?

To determine equivalency of courses taken at another college, each candidate must submit a Sealed Official Transcript to the Evaluations Department with a transcript evaluation request form Prior to applying to the PT program to ensure you have met all prerequisite coursework.

Any questions regarding equivalency of non-psychiatric technician courses must be directed to the college evaluations department.

What is a typical schedule?

The psychiatric technician program is an intensive Full-Time /12 month. Students are in class five days per week during the fall, summer, and spring semesters. Typically students are selected once per year and begin courses in June. Students attend psychiatric technician classes throughout the fall, summer, and spring semesters.

Can I work while I am in the program?

While there are no program policies prohibiting students from working while in the PT program, students are strongly advised to limit work hours as much as possible. A major cause of student failure in psychiatric technician courses is excessive work hours which limit study time. It is essential that each student allot a minimum of three hours of study time for each hour of lecture. For the 10 hours per week of lecture, students are expected to spend a minimum of 30 hours per week on study time. Candidates are advised to review their own financial status prior to applying to the program and make appropriate adjustments.

What about financial aid?

As Delta College students, nursing students are eligible for all college financial aid services. In addition, employers may be able to offer assistance and several scholarships are available throughout the academic year for nursing students. Candidates should contact the financial aid department at the college for more information.

I have a criminal history. Can I still apply to the PT program?

Each of the clinical facilities will require students to clear a background check for criminal history. This is done to comply with a January 2004 regulation requiring hospitals to have information pertaining to criminal backgrounds on all staff, volunteers, and students. The student will cover the cost for this clearence check. In addition, the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians requires all candidates for licensure to submit fingerprints which are analyzed and cleared prior to granting a license to practice nursing.

Candidates with a criminal background may not be allowed to attend clinical if the offense is determined to be significant enough to warrant denial by the clinical facility. A criminal history of violent crimes, crimes involving substance abuse and sexually violent crimes are among those that may result in denial to clinical placement. If the applicant is not allowed into the clinical facility, he/she will not be able to meet the objectives of the nursing program. Applicants with criminal histories are strongly encouraged to consider this information prior to selecting this career option and applying to the program

How much does the program cost?

While it is not possible to give specific costs for each individual, an approximate of typical costs are:

  • Tuition: 41 units @ $46 per unit $1886*(Approximate)
  • Textbooks: $1000 (Subject To Change)
  • Clinical Requirements: $1000 (Approximate)
  • Licensure Application Fees: $150
  • Licensing Exam fees: $350


*Total does not include Transportation, Vehicle Maintenance, and Child Care as these are individual costs.

I have prior experience as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) or Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). Can I receive credit for this training?

No. At this time, we do not offer CNA or LVN advance placement.

I attended a psychiatric technician program at another college. Can I transfer into the PT program?

Candidates who left their prior program in good standing may be eligible for transfer into the PT program on a third priority, Space Available Basis. Good standing is defined as completion of all nursing courses with a grade of "C" or better and satisfactory completion of clinical objectives. Candidates who did not leave in good standing are not considered for transfer.

I'm a Veteran Applicant. What do I need to apply and be accepeted?

In order to prove your Veteran status you will be required to submit a DD214 with an honorable discharge.

Application Processing

First, a certain number of Veterans’ applications that will be randomly selected. The Veteran applications not selected randomly, will be included in the general pool of applications for a second random selection.