EOPS/CARE Student Experience

EOPS Video 2022
Student Em Darosa talks about her journey as a student and a mother. Delta's EOPS program has assisted every step of the way, with textbook vouchers and grants that help her support her 3-year-old son. Applying to EOPS only takes a few minutes, and about two-thirds of Delta students qualify (if they take 12 or more units)
EOPS Students on stage at the graduation

EOPS/CARE Students are recognized for their achievements during the 2018-2019 Academic Year.

Students share their experiences with EOPS/CARE here at San Joaquin Delta College

“I have had an exceptional experience while being in the program. EOPS have given me the support I needed to be successful in my pursuit of higher education, and I'm forever grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing program. I would like to thank all of the staff who have become a part of my extended family, you all are truly appreciated and loved by me.”

Quendra Brown

“My experience with EOPS has been outstanding to say the least. I truly appreciate the opportunity to be a member of the EOPS program because, without the support I received, I wouldn't have been able to further pursue my educational goals. I, as well as other EOPS students, know for a fact that EOPS is a community of dedicated students and inspirational individuals that strive together to go further beyond. In my honest opinion, my favorite aspect of this program is the great counselors, especially Mrs. Anita Gautam, who has helped many students including myself, go further beyond in our education. It is thanks to counselors like Mrs. Gautam that I have been accepted to not only 4 California State Universities, yet I have also been accepted into the EOPS program of my desired University. Overall, Mrs. Gautam is an excellent counselor who is dedicated to inspiring, motivating and directing her students to success. Her enthusiastic personality is accompanied by a resolve to further educate her students. Mrs. Gautam is passionate about working with students and directs herself very professionally and courteously. It is with great appreciation that I give thanks to the entire EOPS staff and especially to Mrs. Anita Guatam. Thank You.”

Angel De Los Angeles

“EOPS has helped me become a better student and to trust myself. To believe that everything is possible when we put our mindset into our aspirations and goals. EOPS helped me achieve a lot of things and this program is one of the best things about my college experience!”

Cecilia Gradilla-Magana

“I love EOPS! EOPS helped me and guided me to success. Their resources, help, counselors, and opportunities helped me in many different ways and I couldn't have done it without them. They helped me complete my degree at a faster rate and if it wasn't for them, I would still be at Delta for at least another year. They also helped me to understand the course requirements and helped me transfer. Their resources are amazing and I appreciate all the help. Without EOPS I would be lost. I wish there was more programs like EOPS and I'm grateful that I was a part of it.”

Crystal Rodriguez

“The EOPS program has been for me a support system. It has been an academic booster and a fuel provider - for guidance, support, and motivation. I am immensely grateful to the program. There has been a countless number of times of which the counselors of the program have dissipated me of doubts and confusions. As a first-generation college student, I consider all the guidance, inspiration, and encouragements that I receive from them immensely valuable. The program has played a great role for me to find myself here today.”

Antonio Ruiz-Sanchez

“I had an excellent experience with the EOPS Program. This program has supported me along the way to achieve my goals, and I am very thankful for the EOPS staff since they stood by me when I needed them. I was blessed to have a great counselor, who guided me on my journey to success.”

Juan Torres Flores

“Mrs. Katrina introduced me into the EOPS program, and it was then I met with Mrs.Gautam and I have been a part of the EOPS for two semesters. During this time and having the availability to meet with my counselor kept me on the right track on what I needed to do to stay on track and graduate. I have been notified of so many programs that could help me if needed. The best choice I ever made was joining the EOPS program.”

Andraya Anguiano