About NextUp


The NextUp Program, also known as CAFYES (Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Educational Support), is designed to serve current and/or former foster youth enrolled in San Joaquin Delta College by giving them access to the Above and Beyond services offered by EOPS. NextUp’s mission is to assist and guide current and/or former foster youth with their education goals by providing personal guidance, academic, and financial support.

What services does NextUp offer Students?

NextUp Services
In addition to EOPS Program services
, NextUp students also may qualify to receive:

  • Food and Necessity Grants
  • Specialized Workshops
  • Enrollment Support
  • Campus and Community Referrals
  • Other Services Determined by the Department
  • NextUp Swag


How do I qualify for NextUp?

  • Current or Former California foster youth
  • Verified Foster Care Placement on or after 13th birthday.
    • Please provide a Ward of the Court letter upon application.
    • A copy can be obtained from the Foster Care Ombudsman.
    • Call: (877) 846-1602 or Email: fosteryouthhelp@dss.ca.gov
  • Less than 26 years old
  • Enroll in at least 9 units.
    • May enroll in at least 1 class, but Student Education Plan (SEP) must show that the student will enroll toward 9 units in future semesters.
  • Current California Resident





Students can apply for all three programs using a single application, which filters them to the appropriate opportunities or please use the link below for NextUp!

Apply to NextUP