Transferable vs. Articulated Courses

Articulated Courses

An articulated course is a course at one college (in this case Delta College) that will fulfill a subject matter requirement at another college (University Y). The course content of the articulated course has been reviewed by the two institutions who have determined that the courses are comparable. This means that the articulated course can be taken at Delta College and will be used "in lieu of" the comparable course at the transfer college. The articulated course will satisfy a specific major preparation or general education requirement at the transfer college. For example, a student takes Math 1 at a community college. Math 1 at the community college has been articulated (determined to be comparable) with Math 14 at the transfer college. Math 1 at the Community College can safely be taken and will be used to satisfy the subject matter requirement that would have been fulfilled had the student taken math 14 at the transfer college. Importantly, the student and the instructor at the receiving institution can be sure that the student is fully prepared for a course at the next level because the student has successfully completed the articulated course.

Transferable Non-Articulated Courses

  • A non-articulated transferable course will only be used for transfer credit at the transfer college. This type of transferable course does not satisfy any subject requirement and can only be used for unit or elective credit.
  • It is critical that the student planning to transfer take all required articulated courses that will meet general education or major preparation requirements before taking any courses that are transferable but not articulated.