Basics of the Transfer Process


A brief overview of what you need to do to successfully transfer

  • See a Counselor at least once a semester to serve as your guide to the transfer process.
  • Your counselor can assist you in researching careers and majors that will fit with your personal interests and abilities.
  • Research college campuses that have your selected major and fit the lifestyle you would like in a four-year college or university. Arrange to visit these institutions.
  • Develop an educational plan with your Counselor that will serve as your map to transfer.
  • Ascertain if the College or University you wish to attend has a guaranteed admission agreement that you can apply for with the help of your counselor.
  • If appropriate, complete all prerequisite courses that must be taken prior to completion of your general education and major preparation coursework.
  • Complete the appropriate general education pattern with the required GPA for the institution to which you plan to transfer.
  • Complete the major preparation coursework with the required GPA, that will ready you for admission to your chosen major.
  • Apply to the college or university of your choice within the posted deadlines for doing so. Failure to apply early in the application period may negatively effect your ability to transfer.
  • Apply for you Associates Degree if applicable.
  • Once you have been accepted to a college or university, have your general education pattern certified as completed by the evaluations office.
  • Forward you spring (summer) semester grades to the college you will be attending as soon as they have been posted to your transcript.
  • Follow all notices from the school you will be attending, making special note of any deadlines that may be approaching. Register for classes at the date and time assigned
    Congratulations! You’ve accomplished a goal of major importance that will help to transform the rest of your life.