Veterans Resource Center FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
How long will the VA take to process my benefits claim?

The VA can take up to thirty days or more to process your benefits claim. 

If the VA denies my benefits claim, can I dispute the decision?

Yes. The VA will send you a letter stating that your claim was denied, and the steps to appeal that decision.

Are there any scholarships for veterans or their dependents?

Yes. Scholarship applications open during the Spring semester and are awarded during the Fall semester. Please visit our resources and announcements page for more details. 

How long will it take to evaluate my transcripts if I attended other schools?

The typical wait time is at least six months, but you will receive priority when you notify the VRC that you have sent your transcripts to admissions. Expect an email stating that your transcripts were evaluated.

What accommodations are available for me, and how can I request them for distance learning?

There are a range of accommodations available depending on your needs. Please email the VRC and you’ll receive more details on what’s available to you. 

Are there tutoring services available for veterans and their dependents?

Yes. Please email the VRC to request a tutoring appointment. You can also make this request through live chat on the VRC homepage.

When are VA counselors available to help me make a veteran student enrollment plan? Can they also help me with other questions I have?

Contact the VRC to make a counseling appointment. The VRC staff can assist you with making the appointment and with any additional questions. 

How do I request referrals for community agencies and what services do they provide?

You can request referrals by emailing the VRC. Please include in your email your student ID what kind of service you need. 

Who are the main points of contact for the veterans resource center?

VRC Interim Manager Megan Kennedy and Student Programs Assistant Dianna Rodriguez. Their contact information is located at the VRC homepage.

Is there a specified date to safely return on campus?

Please visit Delta's COVID-19 Information at for the most up-to-date information.