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Guide to GI Bill Benefits and Eligibility
Veteran Help

Veteran Help (

Our mission is to supply an easy ONE STOP website that all Military Veterans, those that are serving in the Military Active Duty/Reserves, and National Guard can use anywhere and at any time to search for and find EVERYTHING that can help them and their Families.

Such needs as: Housing, education, medical, employment, mental health, furniture, legal help, child care, transportation, and everything else we can think of to help.

Many of us who are military veterans did not have a source to help and support us when we served in the military and even less help when we left the military.
 That is why we have chosen to build and supply this website.

This website has no costs, fees or charges, it is 100% free. Our volunteers are not paid, they donate their time to help build, maintain and update this website.

Only those organizations who are willing to help Military Veterans, Military Active Duty/Reserves and National Guard Military with no costs, fees or charges of any kind will be included on this website.

We are concentrating on mostly having local veteran support organizations in the San Joaquin County area listed. Some national organizations and other organizations may be listed, but only if they are able to help locally.

Our website will not be the middleman, we are a search website linking veterans and military directly to the organizations that will help and support them.

By clicking their mouse on different button links on this website, eventually they will be linked to the correct website they are searching for and need.
This will help them connect with an organization that can help them with their specific needs.

Pieces to Peace: Veterans Writing Project

Pieces to Peace: Veterans Writing Project

Tuleburg Press: (209) 298-2078



Pieces to Peace: Veterans Writing Project is modeled after the Peace Paper Project ( and the veterans writing group work of internationally-known author Maxine Hong Kingston. Through a collaboration with University of the Pacific Art Department, Delta College Veterans Service Center and American Legion Karl Ross Post 16, Tuleburg Press/The Write Place offered veterans -- for free -- an opportunity to create a handmade, leather journal with paper made from an article of their personal military clothing and transform the hidden stories of their war experiences into art (poems and stories) over a 9-month writing workshop. 
Workshop leaders are writing instructors and published authors and include Maxine Hong Kingston as a guest. Tuleburg Press/The Write Place has been making paper and producing handmade journals for three years with children and adults. This project utilizes a paper pulping machine at the University of the Pacific and the expertise of Drew Matott, coordinator of the Peace Paper Project, as well as the combined energies and talents of some of Stockton's best writers. The voluntary, culminating reading and reception will be a virtual event due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We specifically served:

  • Veterans who have sought out services from local fraternal veteran organizations

  • Veterans who have affiliated with Veteran social organizations for comradery

  • Veterans who associate with support groups

  • At-risk Veteran populations that are defined as homeless, recently released from incarceration, associated with the Veterans Treatment Court Program (FIX’D), PTSD treatment groups, and A.A.4.V. (Alcoholics Anonymous for Veterans), and groups such as these.
Scholarships & Resources for Military Veterans

Scholarships & Resources for Military Veterans

At EduMed, we're always trying to find ways to give back to our military veterans through the college and career guides we publish on our website. They deserve all the support they need when it comes to advancing their education and career after they've completed their service.

The latest example of our efforts is a new scholarships and resources page we created specifically for veterans. The page showcases 20 great scholarship opportunities (including many in the healthcare field) that can make all the difference in affording college. We've also provided a list of valuable academic and career resources that veterans can use to maximize their success.

Workforce Development Center

Many companies desire veteran employees and interns! To learn about these opportunities, how to be eligible for books, supplies, and uniforms (POST academy, nursing, etc), and resume/interview assistance, please visit the Workforce Development Center

To learn more about navigating JobSpeaker, download the presentation below. 

JobSpeaker Presentation

Disability Support Programs & Services

Does your service or non-service rated disability impact your learning experience? Learn more about accommodations available such as quiet and/or extended testing time, technology, and support services available at the DSPS office!


EOPS/CARE provides academic services and helps create opportunities for students with academic potential who historically would not have attended college. As part of EOPS/CARE you will receive a variety of support services and benefits, all at no cost to you! 

For more information on eligibility and applying to EOPS, please visit the EOPS Eligibilty page or visit the EOPS -Steps to applying page for the application. 

Hiring our Heroes

Hiring Our Heroes provides resume writing, career transition resources, and employment connections designed specifically for military members, military dependents, and veterans. A resume builder, online job portal, employment events, best practices, and mentorship are a few of the great resources provided by Hiring our Heroes.

Veterati: On Demand Mentorship for Veterans and Military Dependents

Veterati is a military, veteran, and military dependent specific mentorship resource! Thousands of mentors are available for personal, military transition, career insider tips and jobs, and coaching. Search by schools of interest, careers of interest, or skills of interest to find the perfect mentors for you at Veterati.

California Transition Assistance Program (CalTAP)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​California Transition Assistance Program (CalTAP) is a program designed to inform and connect veterans of all eras to their earned federal and state benefits as well as provide continued support and assistance as their needs change over time through five unique pathways:

  • Core Curriculum: (Veteran 101, CA Benefits, Financial Literacy)
  • Education: (Selecting a School, Educational Benefits, UC & State Schools)
  • Employment: (Apprenticeship, Job Search, State E​mployment)​
  • Entrepreneurship: (DVBE, Business Centers, Business Resources)
  • Service Providers (Attorneys, Employers, Primary Care, Supportive Housing)
Annuity-Veteran Financial Literacy

When it comes to preparing for the golden years, veterans and their families have many resources at their fingertips. They include pensions, a civilian income, Social Security (or possible disability income), VA healthcare and tax-advantaged savings.

Find out what benefits are available to you and how eligibility is determined. By combining veterans benefits with Social Security income, savings plans and annuities you will be one step closer to handling your future expenses.

Find resources at Annuity.

Women Veteran Roster

If you are a woman who served in the U.S. Armed Forces, please complete this form to be added to the CalVet Women Veterans Roster. As part of the roster, you will receive updated information about benefits, programs, services, and resources throughout California