Bird Gallagher

VOICES: Stockton Women's Art Collective Exhibition, "Alone Together" 



Bird Gallagher is a Visual Arts educator currently working extensively in the public school system in the United States and re-emerging artist. She holds a Masters Degree in Arts Education and has worked with city communities planning, organizing, and implementing children and adult art workshops, curated national children’s art exhibits, and planned local community events for the past 22 years. She explores a variety of mediums including mixed media, fiber art, and acrylics. She has shown her own art locally in the community.  

As a re-emerging artist and mother of two young adults, Bird’s walk in life is now on a new emergent path of exploration into an unknown but ardent creative directive. She has a passion for hiking and exploration throughout varied and remote nature environments. These excursions provide inspiration for current and future artistic works.

Artist Statement:

Knots, patterns, not patterns, intentional designs, not intentional designs, abstract visuals, concrete visuals, and the elements of surprise or deliberate mistakes are my niche.  

For this piece, I chose an exploration of organic ebb and flow. Examined but unplanned metaphors. Mapping out a stream of colorful trails that lead along a textured path with patches of hope, resilience, and some established subsistence embedded along the way. At best, the year of 2020 has been a long and arduous journey. And, the odyssey apparently is one that continues to thrive, evolve, and progress as we step into the year 2021.

Because we all share individual experiences in life, I have left this project to be interpreted through the viewer’s eye.


The “Change” Has Just Begun, 2021
rebar, rope, wood, black wax, yarn, 53”h x 44.5”w

The “Change” Has Just Begun, 2021(detail)

The “Change” Has Just Begun, 2021(detail)

The “Change” Has Just Begun, 2021(detail)

The “Change” Has Just Begun, 2021(detail)