Susan Bod

VOICES: Stockton Women's Art Collective Exhibition, "Alone Together" 

Susan Bod



Susan Bod, long time Stockton artist. She’s had several shows in her hometown. She’s had three One Woman shows at the Mexican heritage center and gallery. Her relationship to color is perfect. Susan’s figures are in continuous motion on canvas, like a well-choreographed dance. She loves sharing her art with the great city she resides in.

Artist Statement:

I’ve always been drawn to color. So, in my artwork I let color and imagination collide. I have no limits, just let my thoughts and ideas go on a color spree. Normally I would create on canvas but due to the pandemic, I have resorted to other forms of expression. Finding objects that would most likely be put in the landfill, but instead I repurpose them and give them new life. Such as mannequins and items around the house to help me create my vision in these uncertain times. We’ve all been alone more than most this year with our thoughts, its together where we set them free.

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Styrofoam, plastic, spray paint, 29”h x 14”w x 11”d

"Love is a constant battle. Win or lose you learn."

LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD, 2020 (detail)

LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD, 2020 (detail)




Keep Shining, Baby! 2021
Styrofoam, plastic, spray paint, 27”h x 14”w x 11”d\

"Let the world see you shine your brightest!"



Keep Shining, Baby! 2021 (detail)




Everyone Pays, 2021
Styrofoam, plastic, spray paint, 34” x 11”w x 10”d

"Everyone must pay in some way for living."



Everyone Pays, 2021 (detail)


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