All of our courses are designed to give predominantly non-science majors a glimpse into specific disciplines in the physical sciences. In our Astronomy courses, you will learn the basic foundations of the astronomy including the solar system, the birth, evolution and death of stars, galaxies, and cosmology. Through our Astronomy Labs, you will have the opportunity to explore the practical side Astronomy, completing web-based lab exercises and learning how to set up and operate telescopes to observe the Sun or various objects in the night sky such as planets, the Moon, binary systems, nebulas, and galaxies. Our introductory physical science course Matter and Energy (Physical Science 001) is a conceptual-based course and gives a survey of physics, chemistry, geology, meteorology, and astronomy.

Fulfill Transfer and Degree Requirements

All of our courses fulfill general education requirements for an Associate in Science degree at Delta College.  Additionally, they can be used to complete lower-division science credits for transfer to complete your bachelor degree in physics or a related field. 

See requirements in the College Catalog (under "Graduation and Transfer Requirements")