Jaswant Dhillon

Adjunct Associate Professor
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Budd 319



J. Dhillon has a double Bachelor's degree in Psychology Honors and Education. She also has a double Master's degree in Psychology and Education. Furthermore she has the Master of Philosophy Degree in Psychology. Her research and dissertation is in the field of Human Motivation. In addition she has a Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counseling.  She has travelled extensively and thereby possesses experiential knowledge as well as an appreciation of diverse cultures. She is fluent in many languages.

Her professional experience and expertise spreads over a broad spectrum. She has been working in the field of education as well as practicing psychology for more than 25 years. Having handled numerous portfolios and earned several laurels, she has the experience of working in colleges, high schools, hospitals as well as a private consultant. Career counseling, Psychometric testing, Substance abuse counseling, Conducting internships, Team building, Leadership development, Personality and soft skills training, are some of her major strengths. Some of her areas of specialization are Clinical Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Social Psychology, Human Motivation, Research methodology and statistics, Abnormal Psychology and Counseling to name a few.

She has been the advisor of 'Delta Psi'-the Psychology club of the college. She strives to optimize the strengths and potential of her students. Personally she strongly believes in human values of humility, open mindedness, knowledge and discipline. She is a firm believer that education and knowledge need to be used to make the world, one big family that is a safe and loving community for generations to come. In a nutshell her philosophy of life can be explained in three words-'Remain humble always' "because many a times what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a special heart that listens."

Courses taught:

  • Psychology 01, Introduction to Psychology
  • Psychology 03, Personal and Social Psychology
  • Psychology 30, Human Sexuality

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Social Science, Education and Public Services