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Dr. Jane K. Dominik has been a full-time member of the San Joaquin Delta College faculty since 1991, during which time she has taught seventeen different courses in English, Speech, and Drama. While at Delta, she has also designed and implemented numerous courses and projects, including the essay magazine Delta Winds and Freelance Writing (with colleague Bill Davis), Introduction to Dramatic Literature, Introduction to Creative Writing, From Story to Screen, and Play and Screenwriting courses, as well as a variety of Special Studies courses. She has written program notes for more than twenty-five Drama Department productions and hosted the Seventh International Arthur Miller Society Conference in 2002. She served as the founding editor of the Arthur Miller Society Newsletter, and Vice President, President, and is currently on the Board of the Society.  In addition, she has sat on numerous campus and statewide committees.

Dr. Dominik holds a B.A. in English and a teaching credential in English, Speech, Drama, and French from the University of the Pacific; an A.M. in English Language and Literature from the University of Chicago; an M.F.A. in Theatre Directing and Management from Rutgers University; and a Ph.D. in English and American Studies from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England, for which she wrote Image and Word: The Stages of Arthur Miller’s Drama under the supervision of Christopher Bigsby. She has delivered more than two dozen conference papers on Miller, Ibsen, Simon, and Inge, as well as on the teaching of literature and writing. Publications include a newly-edited version of Arthur Miller's The Price (Methuen Drama 2011), “Empty Chairs and Pools of Light:  Absent Characters in Arthur Miller’s Drama” in Arthur Miller’s Century: Essays Celebrating the 100th Birthday of America’s Great Playwright edited by Stephen Marino (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017), "The Critical Reception of Arthur Miller's Work" in Critical Insights: Arthur Miller edited by Brenda Murphy (Salem Press, 2011), and “A View through Death of a Salesman” in The Salesman Has a Birthday edited by Stephen A. Marino (University Press of America, 2000), “Stifled, Staid, and Suspect:  The Working Woman in Arthur Miller’s Drama,” “Prequels and Sequels:  A Creative Assignment That Extends Students’ Reading of Arthur Miller’s Drama” (which included Delta College students’ course writing), “Before and After the Fall,” and “Music in Miller’s Drama,” as well as dozens of short articles and reviews in The Arthur Miller Newsletter and The Arthur Miller Journal.

Dr. Dominik worked in arts management positions and for college textbook publishing companies before becoming a teacher. She believes that quality writing and reading are essential for professional and academic success, as well as personal fulfillment. She is particularly interested in the space and relationship between literature, theatre, and film; creativity; and writer’s block, creating the book Yes, I Can--Write!!: Strategies for Overcoming Writer's Block and Writing Quality College Papers. Her extracurricular interests include music, photography, travel, art history, architecture, painting, clay, marbling, sports, interior design, and gardening.

Dr. Dominik checks private messages and questions in Canvas. If you would like her to call you, leave your name, number, available times, and what you would like to discuss. This spring's courses include English 1B, English 49A (Introduction to Creative Writing), and English 49D (Play and Screenwriting). English 52 (From Story to Screen) is expected to be offered in the spring.

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