Eduardo Torres

Eduardo Torres
Budd 208


Banking & Finance
Real Estate

B.S., Saint Mary’s College
M.A., San Francisco State University

Eduardo Torres has an M.A. from San Francisco State University in Economics and a B.S. from Saint Mary’s College in both Business Administration and Economics. He is a full-time tenured Professor of Economics at Delta College.

He has 25 years of “real world” experience in the field of economics. He has served as a Private Banker, Registered Investment Advisor, Corporate Trainer, Commercial Loan Officer, and a Bank Manager. His past employers often relied on him for innovative economics research to solve a wide variety of problems. He has financed all types of real estate projects, developed low-income urban communities, and provided key support to Silicon Valley venture capitalists. He and his office teams were responsible for lending over $1 billion from 1986 to 2007!!! He also teaches a wide variety of economics courses for other Bay Area colleges that offer MBA programs.

Eduardo looks forward to working with each of you and contributing to your future success. He teaches a business-based economics course. Both his macroeconomics and microeconomics classes will assist college students to better understand and solve common problems faced in business. They will also receive a wide range perspectives on larger economic issues like poverty, sustainability, globalization, the role of government, capitalism, etc…

Courses Taught:

  • Economics 1A, Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Economics 1B, Principles of Microeconomics

Course material: Docushare

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