Waitlist in MyDelta

How the Waitlist Works

When a class is full, the waitlist starts to allow students to wait in line for the class in case seats open up. 

To add yourself to a waitlist for a class:

  1. Follow the procedures for adding a class.
  2. In Step 2: Review Class Preference, find the question Add to waitlist if class is full? Change the answer to Yes.
  3. Complete the remaining steps of adding the class. As long seats still remain in the waitlist, you will be added upon completing the registration steps. 

How Students are Added from Waitlists

As seats open up, students on the waitlist will be automatically enrolled. If you are first on the waitlist and eligible, you will automatically be added to the class. If you are not eligible, the system will skip to the next student. You might not be eligible for a variety of reasons, including: 

  • You have a hold preventing registration. 
  • There is a time conflict between the new class and one of the other classes you are enrolled for.
  • You have not met the enrollment requirements such as required prerequisite or corequisite

You will not be added from the waitlist if the following occurs:

  • Multiple sections of the same class: If you are enrolled on two different waitlists for the same class (two different sections of the same course), if a seat opens up, you will not be added to either section because the system doesn’t know which class you want. 

  • Prerequisites: MyDelta will allow you to waitlist even if you have not met the requirements to take the course.  Because of this, when a seat opens up, you are not added to the class. Instead, the next eligible student will be added so it appears that you were skipped. If this has happened to you and you believe it is an error, please check with the Admissions and Records office.

  • Time Conflicts: If you are on a waitlist for a class that conflicts with another course that you are enrolled in or waitlisted for when a seat opens up, you will not be added to the class. You will be skipped due to the conflict. 


What to do When You're on a Waitlist

In general, the closer you are to #1 on the waitlist, the higher your chances of getting into the class. While you wait you may want to:

Check for Alternate Classes:

  • Some classes may be offered at various times in one semester.
  • Use the Class Search and Enroll to find and add the class with the shortest waitlist to increase your chances of getting enrolled.

Enroll in a Backup Class: