Make a Payment

When you pay fees, please use the Firefox browser on your computer or mobile device.  Google Chrome and Edge will not work. This is due to security enhancements that cannot be disabled in Chrome and Edge.  If you choose to use an iPhone, please see the instructions below.

Please note: You will not be dropped from your classes for nonpayment. However, you will need to make sure you pay your fees before registering for next semester.  

Follow the steps below to make a payment:

**Please ensure you complete all steps prior to closing your browser or active tab. Failure to do so could result in the payment not posting to your account properly**

  1. Log in to MyDelta and click on the Financial Account icon
  2. From the lefthand sidebar, click Make A Payment to start the payment process.
  3. Step 1 is to select the payment type.  Currently, credit card is the only payment type accepted and it will be selected by default. Click the confirm button in the upper right corner to continue.
  4. Step 2, is to specify the amount you want to pay during this transaction.
    • You can choose to pay all your charges due, pay just one of the fees, or pay partial amounts of each fee by editing the amounts listed to the right of each fee.
    • Or, click the Action Button to change amounts for all charges. Select Pay All Charges to have all amounts changed to the full amount of the outstanding charge. Select Clear All to have all amounts changed to $0. 
  5. In Step 3, you will confirm the payment amount that you entered in the previous step.
    • If the payment is correct, click the confirm button.
    • If you want to edit the amount, click the previous button in the upper right corner to edit your amounts.
  6. In Step 4,  you will enter your credit card details using a secure Third-party Payment processing.
  7. Once all credit card and billing details have been successfully entered, you will be taken to Step 5 to Review and Submit your payment. Click the submit payment button.
  8. You will be shown a confirmation screen indicating that payment was received.

After making a payment, you can return to your Financial Account to make additional payments and/or view your Payment History to see the payment listed.

At any time if you wish to stop making a payment, click the Exit button in the upper left corner. This will cancel the Making a Payment process and take you back to your Financial Account