La Raza Employees Association

Bienvenidos/ Welcome to La Raza Employees Association

The organization shall be known as the La Raza Employees Association (hereinafter referred to as LREA). The mission of the LREA is to:

  • Establish and maintain an LREA Student Scholarship fund.
  • Give support and advocacy within the College setting for all Raza staff and students.
  • Extend College resources to the Raza community.
  • Strengthen ties among Raza employees.
  • Establish a network among San Joaquin Delta College Raza Employees, students, and community.
  • Improve communication among San Joaquin Delta College Employees, and students.
  • Promote employment/educational opportunities for La Raza.


Membership shall be open to all SJDC staff and alumni. The dues shall be $50.00 per year. Each member shall be entitled to vote on issues brought before the membership. Fees may be paid in one payment to the LREA Trust account or LREA members can opt to pay through the scholarship deduction and donate a minimum of $5.00 per month to the LREA Scholarship Fund.

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