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Administration of Justice

Why Choose Our Administration of Justice Program?

Administration of Justice is a multi-disciplinary program that provides students with a thorough understanding of the criminal justice system and its role in society. The program is designed so that students who complete the program are able to apply various methodological and theoretical approaches for conducting research and evaluation with regard to criminal justice practices and policies. Additionally, students will be able to engage in critical inquiry of criminal justice institutions, understand theories of criminology, and know the systems, process and relationships between the various components of the criminal justice system.

What are the degree options?

      Administration of Justice,
      Associate in Science for Transfer

     Correctional Science, Associate in Science
Correctional Science Certificate

Law Enforcement
     Law Enforcement, Associate in Science
     Law Enforcement Certificate
     Basic Peace Officer Academy Certificate

Administration of Justice courses strive to educate students on the numerous attributes of the criminal justice system. Those who are pursuing a career may choose to complete a certificate and/or an Associate in Arts degree and then transfer to a California State University (CSU) with a major in criminal justice.

What can I do with my degree?

The program is used for preparation to enter the following fields: Basic Corrections Peace Officer Academy, Basic Peace Officer Academy, law enforcement, corrections, the juvenile justice system and criminal justice investigation.

Careers in Law Enforcement
    •Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Inspector/Special Agent
    •Customs Aid
    •Customs Canine Enforcement Officer
    •Customs Inspector
    •Deputy U.S. Marshal
    •Deputy Sheriff
    •Drug Enforcement Special Agent
    •FBI Agent
    •Fish and Wildlife Service, Special Agent
    •Immigration & Naturalization Service, Border Patrol Agent
    •Internal Revenue Criminal Investigator
    •Investigator (State, County, or Municipal)
    •Police Officer
    •Postal Service Inspector
    •Secret Service Agent
    •State Police Officer/State Trooper

Careers in Courts
    •Bailiff (Court Officer)
    •Court Administrator
    •Court Clerk
    •Court Liaison Counselor
    •Domestic Violence Counselor
    •Pretrial Services Officer, U.S. District
    •Release-On-Own Recognizance Interviewer
    •Victim Services Specialist
    •Counselor: Crisis Counselor
    •Runaway Counselor

Careers in Corrections
    •Corrections Counselor
    •Corrections Officer
    •Juvenile Justice Counselor
    •Parole Officer
    •Pre-Release Program: Correctional Counselor, Employment Counselor, Halfway House Manager
    •Probation Officer: Adult or Juvenile
    •Corrections Treatment Specialist (Federal Prison)

Careers in Forensic Science
    •Ballistics Specialist
    •Toolmark Specialist
    •Serology Specialist
    •Fingerprint Specialist
    •Arson Specialist
    •Document Specialist
    •Polygraph Specialist

Careers in Private Security
    •Retail Security: Store Detective, Lose Prevention Officer
    •Commercial Security: Hotels, Airports, Airlines, Financial Institutions, Commercial Buildings
    •Institutional Security: Public Facilities, hospitals, libraries, museums, educational institutions, etc.
    •Industrial Security: Manufacturing plants and protection of trade secrets

Additional Careers

Who is teaching Administration of Justice?



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