Presidentís Welcome

Welcome to San Joaquin Delta College!

Whether you are a new student or a continuing one, the Board, the faculty, the staff, and I want to thank you for choosing Delta. We hope that you will find this catalog informative and useful as you pursue your studies here at the College. If you are a prospective student but still undecided about whether to attend Delta, we believe this catalog has all the information you will need to help you make your choice.

This catalog provides a wealth of information about Delta College. You can read about the mission, vision, accreditation, rich traditions, and history of the College. You can learn about all of the transfer, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees, Career and Technical Education Certificate programs, and the wide variety of courses the College offers. You can find out about how to apply for admission, how and when to register for classes, how to pay for college, and how to transfer to a four-year university. You can also learn about College policies and regulations that you will be expected to follow. Finally, you will be able to find information about all the services the College offers and whom to ask for help when you need it.

Delta is a great "first choice" college. Delta is very affordable, particularly if you are preparing to enter the workforce or to transfer to a bachelor's degree-granting institution. To help you finance your work at Delta, we offer many scholarships and other financial aid options. Our excellent, hardworking faculty are widely known for their strong teaching skills and their personal interest in students and student success. We also have a highly-skilled, friendly staff and very strong student support services for all students including those with special needs. Assessment of your entering skills guides appropriate placement into courses, Orientation helps you "learn the ropes," and highly-trained counselors assist you in developing focused, realistic student educational plans that ensure that you realize your educational and career goals without delay. These three steps, all part of California's Student Success Initiative, will give you the foundation you need to be successful. The College also offers a wide array of clubs you can join, sports you can participate in and sporting events you can attend, and arts and cultural events that will enrich your college experience.

In short, we at San Joaquin Delta College are eager to serve students and our community and we are fully committed to student success. We hope you will choose to join the Delta family.


Dr. Kathleen Hart, Ph.D.