Vision Statement

The faculty, staff, and students of San Joaquin Delta Community College District envision a community of lifelong learners, passionately pursuing and achieving ever-higher educational goals, and fully appreciating the diverse and dynamic world around them.

In fulfilling its mission and vision, San Joaquin Delta College acts upon the following principles:

  • The Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, and students believe excellence requires
    • Open and honest communication,
    • Commitment to high academic standards,
    • Respect for intellectual and ideological diversity,
    • Appreciation of historical perspective,
    • Appropriate application of advancing technologies,
    • Investment in career and technical education, and economic and workforce development,
    • A vital connection to the arts,
    • Celebrating and embracing the cultural diversity of the community, and
    • Opportunities for physical development and competitive athletics.
  • Institutional renewal includes continuous improvement through
    • evidence-based institutional research concerning student access, retention, success,
    • effective methods of developing and revising educational programs and services,
    • the study and application of effective methods of teaching and learning,
    • commitment to clear outcomes and effective assessment to enhance student performance,
    • the enhancement of appropriate student-centered support services,
    • the effective application of technologies, and
    • the continual professional development of all faculty and staff.
  • Student success and equity at the post-secondary level may require appropriate developmental instruction as well as instruction in English as a second language, through an institutionally-integrated developmental education program that leads directly toward completion of a degree, certificate, and/or to transfer to another post-secondary institution, or viable employment.
  • Appropriate educational resources are available to all qualified students.
  • Delta College commits to encouraging good citizenship, responsible leadership, and wise stewardship of resources through ethical leadership, and respect for education as a lifelong endeavor.

(BP 6/18/13)