Human Services Worker

Social Science Division
Upon successful completion of the Human Services Worker Certificate, the student demonstrates skills, knowledge, and training to counsel with people in a variety of human service settings, while under the supervision of licensed professionals, interviewing skills that maximize the information obtained from clients necessary for determining needs and services, the ability to prepare case plans, an understanding of the basic aims and processes involved in facilitating groups, an understanding of the basic process of individual counseling and problem solving, and an understanding of the basic principles and methods related to working with family systems in human service agencies.

Total Units Required 26 - 28
Recommended Sequence:
First Semester Units
PSYCH 1 Introduction to Psychology 3
PSYCH 38 Counseling Skills for Human Service Workers 3
PSYCH 39 Client Interview, Evaluation, and Referral 2
PSYCH 45A Beginning Field Practicum 2
PSYCH 46 Individual Counseling in Human Service Programs 3

Second Semester
PSYCH 40 Case Management and Treatment Planning 3
PSYCH 45B Intermediate Field Practicum 2
PSYCH 47 Group Counseling in Human Service Programs 3
PSYCH 48 Family Counseling in Human Service Programs 2

Additional Requirement
ENG 1A Written Communications 3
ENG 79 Preparatory English 5