Electron Microscopy: Crystalline Material

Science & Mathematics Division
Upon successful completion, the student demonstrates skills, knowledge and training for employment as a microscopist to work with research scientists in industry, research laboratories, medical schools, hospitals, colleges and universities, as well as being qualified for technical sales and marketing for Electron Microscopy. The student demonstrates his or her ability to: use theory in hands-on work, specimen preparation, electron/ion/light/scanned probe microscope operation, digital imaging, routine maintenance of equipment, experimental design, and data interpretation. The student demonstrates skills, knowledge, and training in organization, team work, oral and written communication, problem solving, and critical thinking. The student demonstrates a variety of skills for employment in disciplines including the following: metallurgy, ceramics, computer and electronics industries, biology, environmental areas, biotechnology, geology, forensics, food and cosmetic industries, and medicine.

Total Units Required 53.5
Recommended Sequence:
First Semester (Fall) Units
C S 18 Microcomputers and Small Business: Apple Macintosh 3
E M 11 Photography for Laboratory Technicians 2
E M 21 Introductory Techniques of Electron Microscopy 3
MATH 80 Elementary Algebra 4

Second Semester (Spring)
E TECH 20 Materials & Measurements 3
CHEM 3A Introduction to Chemistry 4
PHYSC 10 Introduction to Physics 4
E M 34 Introduction to Materials Electron Microscopy 4
MATH 82 Intermediate Algebra 4

Third Semester (Fall)
E M 35 Physical Electron Microscopy Laboratory 3.5
E M 38 Scanning Electron Microscopy 3
E M 53 Electron Microscopy Equipment Maintenance 3
E M 58 Digital Imaging for Microscopy 2
MATH 31 Trigonometry 3

Fourth Semester (Spring)
E M 30 Current Microscopies, Optics, Theory and Applications 3
E M 41 Analytical Scanning Electron Microscopy 3
E M 59 Advanced Projects in Electron Microscopy 2

Suggested Electives Units
E M 79 Applied Microscopy Principles 1-3
E M 62 Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Operation/Use 2
E M 22 Ultramicrotomy for Electron Microscopy 4.5
E M 39 Advanced Biological SEM 2
E M 60 TEM Align/Use 2
E M 61 SEM Align/Use 2
C S 17 Computer Logic 3
ELECT 11 AC and DC Network Analysis 4.5
E TECH 13 Engineering Drafting Skills 3
MATH 12 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 4
E M 50H Special Studies: Electron Microscopy 1-2

Required Certificate Courses must be completed with at least a "C" Grade.

Equivalent courses may be accepted by transfer from other colleges but at least 12 units of the certificate must be completed at San Joaquin Delta College. Students who desire transfer credit for courses taken elsewhere must have the courses approved before taking them for certificate credit.

NOTE: It is recommended that during the summer, required core courses (Non-EM) be taken.