Electrical Technology: Apprenticeship Option

Applied Science & Technology
Upon successfully completion of the Electrical Technology Certificate - Apprenticeship Option, the student demonstrates the skills and knowledge of a Journeylevel electrician. The student applies electrical skills and knowledge to construct, repair and troubleshoot electrical circuits, motors, motor controllers and electrical systems. The training and skills acquired prepares the apprentice to be employed in the electrical field as a Journeylevel electrical worker for residential, commercial and industrial electrical construction projects.

Total Units Required 40
Recommended Sequence
First Semester Units
A-ELE 70A Introduction to Electricity 4
VO ED 80V Work Experience-Apprenticeship 2

Second Semester
A-ELE 70B Electrical Fundamentals 4
VO ED 80V Work Experience-Apprenticeship 2

Third Semester
A-ELE 71A Electrical Circuits and Code 4

Fourth Semester
A-ELE 71B Electrical Circuits and Equipment 4

Fifth Semester
A-ELE 72A Electrical Motors 4

Sixth Semester
A-ELE 72B Electrical Motor Control Systems 4

Seventh Semester
A-ELE 73A Electrical Motor Control Circuits 4

Eighth Semester
A-ELE 73B Electrical Programmable Logic Controllers 4

Ninth Semester
A-ELE 74A Motor Control Systems 4