Banking & Finance

Business Division
Upon successful completion of the Banking and Finance Certificate, the student demonstrates the skills, knowledge, and training for positions such as loan and credit clerks; to process loan and credit applications for major consumer purchases, to call or write to credit bureaus, employers, and personal references to verify information; notify customers by mail, telephone, or in person of acceptance or rejection of their application. Individual are capable of recording credit transactions, deposits and payments; send letters or call customers about overdue accounts and accept payment on accounts; solicit business by sending form letters and brochures to prospective customers; adjust incorrect credit charges and compute interest and payments, using small business machines such as adding machines or calculators.

Total Units Required 30-32
Recommended Sequence:
First Semester Units
BUS 61 Principles and Operations of Financial Institutions 3
BUS 1A Principles of Accounting 5
ELECTIVE See Group I Below 3

Second Semester
BUS 1B Principles of Accounting 5
BUS 65A Introduction to Personal Loans 1
BUS 65B Introduction to Business Loans 1

Third Semester
BUS 63 Analysis of Financial Statements 3
BUS 3 Financial Accounting 5

ELECTIVE See Group I Below 3

Fourth Semester
BUS 66 Principles of Money and Banking 3
ELECTIVE See Group I Below 3

Group I (Electives)
(minimum of 9 units from the following)

BUS 4 Managerial Accounting 5

BUS/C S 14 Microcomputers and Small Business Systems 3
C S 20 Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access 3

BUS 17A Beginning Business Communication 3

BUS 18A Business Law 3
BUS 18B Business Law 3

BUS 20 Introduction to Business 3
BUS 22 Professional Selling 3
BUS 26 Economics of Business 3
BUS 42 Real Estate Finance 3
BUS 67 Introduction to Personal Finance 3