Agriculture Business: Animal Science

Applied Science & Technology Division
Upon successful completion of the Animal Science Certificate, the student demonstrates skill, knowledge and training in preparing for employment in animal production and science and certain careers require education and experience beyond the A.A. Degree. Animal science careers for an advanced degree include Production, Science, Agribusiness, Food Industry, and Equine-Related Fields include Dairy Herdsman, Feedlot Herdsman, Poultry Operations, Meat Grading and Marketing, Feeding and Manufacturing, Animal Boarding, Animal Breeding, Animal Training, Association Representatives, Livestock Publications, Meat Inspections.

Total Units Required 32-39
Recommended Sequence:
First Semester Units
AGBUS 13 Agriculture and Natural Resources Math 3
AH SC 10 Priciples of Animal Science 3
AH SC 10L Priciples of Animal Science Laboratory 1
AH SC 25A Introduction to Livestock Presentation 2

Second Semester
AGBUS 10 Agricultural Accounting 3
AH SC 25B Beginning Livestock Presentation 2
AH SC 36 Livestock Breeding 3

Third Semester
AGBUS 12 Agriculture Economics 3
AGBUS 15 Agribusiness Computer Applications 3
AH SC 11A Introduction to Livestock Evaluation 2

Fourth Semester
AGBUS 46 Agriculture Marketing 3
AH SC 34 Animal Health and Sanitation 3
AGBUS 96V Internship: Animal Science 1-8