Agriculture Business

Applied Science & Technology Division
Upon successful completion of the Agriculture Business certificate, the student demonstrates the skills, knowledge, and training for employment in the following Agribusiness positions: Agricultural Accounting Assistant, Agriculture Administrative Assistant, Agricultural Inventory/Warehouse Technician, Agricultural Sales and Service Technician, Crop Insurance Agent, Customer Service Representative, Farm Insurance Agent, Farm/Ranch Personnel Supervisor, Feedlot Supervisor, Field Representative, Food Processing Plant Shift Supervisor, Grain Elevator Manager, International Sales and Trade Technician, Quality Control Inspector, Public Relations Specialist, Sales Agent, Sales Representative, and Wholesale Produce Agent, demonstrates his or her ability to design and implement a record keeping system, design and implement a set of farm accounts, explain the basis for farm income tax computing, calculate measure of earnings applicable to farm records, and calculate the basic measure of depreciation, constructs inventory analysis procedures, operates a microcomputer, develops and uses templates to make management decisions, and evaluates a variety of software useful to agribusiness applications, practice skills to identify and design a marketing strategy for a specific agricultural product, chart and interpret market information, analyze marketing reports, and make a sales presentation on an agricultural product, and prepare the student for a successful transfer to a university for a baccalaureate degree. The certificate program closely follows the design developed by the Central Valley Consortium Agricultural Education Tech Prep.

Total Units Required 60-64
Required Courses: Units
AGBUS 10 Agriculture Accounting 3
AGBUS 12 Agricultural Economics 3
AGBUS 15 Agribusiness Computer Applications 3
AGBUS 46 Agricultural Marketing 3
AH SC 10/10L Principles of Animal Science & Laboratory 4
PLANT 10/10L Principles of Plant Science & Laboratory 4
ENG 1A Written Communications 3
COM ST 1A Fundamentals of Speech 3
C S 11 Computer Science Fundamentals 3
MATH* See Group I below 3-4
ECON 1A Principles of Economics (Macro) 3
HIST** See Group II below 3
HUM*** See Group III below 3-5
ELECTIVES**** See Group IV below 19-20

*Group I (Electives)
(one course from the following)
AGBUS 13 Agriculture & Natural Resources Mathematics 3
MATH 80 Elementary Algebra 4

**Group II (History or Political Science)
(one course from the following)
HIST 17A History of the U.S. 3
HIST 17B History of the U.S. 3
POLSCI 1 American Government & Institutions 3

***Group III (Humanities)
(minimum 3 units from Group III, Humanitites, general education requirement for the Associate Degree)

****Group IV (Electives)
(minimum of 19 units from the following)
BIOL 1 Core Biology 4
CHEM 3A Introduction to Chemistry 4
CHEM 1A General Chemistry 5

MATH 12 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 4
MATH 30 College Algebra 4
BUS 1A Principles of Accounting 5