Ornamental Horticulture: Nursery

Applied Science & Technology Division
Upon successful completion of the Ornamental Horticulture - Nursery Certificate, the student demonstrates skills, knowledge, and training to take the State Nursery Association CCN pro test for the following employment positions in the Nursery field: retail sales, growing of nursery stock, growing of floriculture plants, maintenance and upkeep of plant material and starting a personal business. The student demonstrates his or her ability to transplant plants, fertilize plant material, assist a customer in plant selection, develop a crop schedule, and identify plants.

Total Units Required 41
Recommended Sequence:
First Semester Units
O H 12 Fundamental of Horticulture 3
O H 21A Identification of Fall Plants 3
AGBUS 13 Agriculture and Natural Resource Mathematics 3
O H 34 Plant Propagation 3

Second Semester
O H 21B Identification of Spring Plants 3
O H 94 Xeriscaping 1
O H 30 Greenhouse Production 3
O H 23 Landscape Irrigation and Drainage 3

Third Semester
O H 71 Introduction to Plant Pests and Diseases 2
AGBUS 15 Computers in Agriculture 3
O H 36 House Plants and Interior Landscaping 3

O H 96V Work Experience 2
O H 69V Internship 2

Fourth Semester
O H 40 Principles of Landscape Design 3
O H 32 Horticulture Management 3
O H 35 Landscape Maintenance 3