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Section III

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Section III

Definition of Terms

AA/AS General Education Requirement - Courses which satisfy general education requirements for the Associate Degree.

Academic Renewal - A process to have previous substandard college work (grades and credits) excluded from computation of the cumulative grade point average.

Academic Year - Fall and Spring semesters.

Add - -Officially enrolling in a course.

Advisory On Recommended Preparation - A condition of enrollment that is advised, but not required, to meet before or in conjunction with enrollment in a course or educational program.

Assessment/Placement Tests - Tests given prior to registration for classes. The results are used to help students select appropriate classes.

Associate Degree (A.A or A.S.) - A degree (Associate in Arts or Associate in Science) granted by a community college which recognizes a student's satisfactory completion of an organized program of at least 60 semester units including the major "Area of Concentration" and general education requirements.

The criteria for course appropriate to the associate degree are established by the governing board of a community college district to implement its philosophy on the associate degree shall permit only courses that conform to the standards specified in section 55002(a) and that fall into the following categories to be offered for associate degree credit:

1. All lower division courses accepted toward the baccalaureate degree by the California State University or University of California or designed to be offered for transfer.

2. Courses that apply to the major in non-baccalaureate occupational fields.

3. English courses not more than one level below the first transfer level composition course, typically known as English 1A. Each student may count only one such course as credit toward associate degree.

4. All mathematics courses above and including Elementary Algebra.

5. Credit courses in English and mathematics taught in or on behalf of other departments and which, as determined by the local governing board require entrance skills at a level equivalent to those necessary for the courses specified in subsections (3) and (4) above.

Baccalaureate Courses - Courses whose department number is 69 or below, e.g. English 1A; Math 36; Biology 11.

Bachelor's Degree (B.A., A.B., or B.S.) - A baccalaureate degree granted by a four-year college or university which recognizes a student's satisfactory completion of an organized program of study consisting of at least 120 semester units.

Bailment - To hold in trust for another for a special purpose and for a limited period of time. In terms of parking, the money charged is for the service of allowing one to park on campus, not to hold and protect the property or vehicle.

California Articulation Number (CAN) - Identifies courses that can be used in lieu of others. For example, CAN BUS 2 at San Joaquin Delta College will be accepted in lieu of a course that is designated as CAN BUS 2 at another campus. More than 70 San Joaquin Delta College courses carry a CAN designation. For additional information, ask to see the CAN CATALOG OF COURSES in the Counseling Office.

Many other San Joaquin Delta College courses are articulated with four year institutions. Check for additional articulation in the Counseling Office.

Catalog Rights - A student may choose to apply for graduation under either the graduation requirements in effect at the time of application for graduation or the graduation requirements in effect at the time of initial enrollment at the college, provided continuous enrollment is maintained.

Continuous enrollment requires the earning of college credit in at least one semester or summer intersession during each academic year without interruption. An academic year is defined as beginning with the summer intersession and including the following fall and spring semesters.

Emergency leaves of absence, which do not constitute a break in continuous enrollment, may be granted, where warranted, petition to the Vice President of Student Services. REF: AP 4100

Certificate - A certificate granted by a community college which recognizes a student's satisfactory completion of an organized program of vocational study.

Class Section - A specific course code number as identified in the class schedule.

College Work Study (CWS) - A program of federal aid which provides funds for student jobs.

Community Service Class Non-College Credit - Fee based classes offered through the Community Services Program.

Corequisite - A condition of enrollment consisting of a course that a student is required to take simultaneously in order to enroll in another course.

Course - A series of lectures, labs, or other matter providing instruction on a specific subject.

Course Audit - Enrollment in a course without award or notation on transcript of credit, units attempted, grade, or grade points.

Course Description - Brief statement about the content of a particular course.

Credit - Refers to the units earned by completing a course.

Credit by Examination - Course or unit credit granted for demonstrated proficiency in a given area as determined by examination.

Credit/No Credit - A grading system by which units of credit may be earned but no letter grade is assigned. Such units are not used in computing the grade point average. The credit/no credit grading option should not be confused with non-credit courses.

CSU - California State University System

CSU General Education Requirement - Courses which satisfy general education breadth requirements for California State Universities.

Degree - A diploma granted by a college stating that the student has successfully completed a course of study in a specific field. The most common degrees are:

1) A.A. - Associate of Arts;

2) A.S.- Associate of Science;

3) B.A. - Bachelor of Arts;

4) B.S. - Bachelor of Science

Disabled Student Service - A support service offered through Disabled Student Programs and Services to facilitate equal access for students with a documented disability.

Dismissal - A situation caused by low academic or progress performance or misconduct in which the student may not continue at the college without approval for readmission.

Drop - Officially withdrawing from a course, but remaining enrolled in college.

Elective - A course which is not required for a major or general education but is acceptable for credit. An elective course may be in any area of study offered at San Joaquin Delta College.

Full-time Student - A student enrolled in twelve or more course units in a regular semester or four or more units during the summer intersession.

General Education Requirements - A group of courses required to earn a degree which provide a broadly based education.

Good Standing - A student whose grade point average and cumulative grade point average is a C (2.0) or better and has a course completion ratio of over 50%.

Grade Point - A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0

Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) - An overall level of academic achievement used as a measure in making decisions regarding good standing, probation, disqualification, and dismissal, eligibility for graduation, and transfer to four-year institutions. The grade point average is derived from the following unit system:

A = 4 grade points per unit

B = 3 grade points per unit

C = 2 grade points per unit

D = 1 grade point per unit

F = 0 grade points per unit

The G.P.A. is calculated by dividing the total number of grade points received by the number of units attempted. Credit/No-Credit grades are not used in computing the grade point average.

Hour - Same as credit, credit unit, unit (See Credit).

IGETC - Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum is a series of courses that Delta College students may use to satisfy lower division general education requirements at any CSU and most UC campuses. All coursework applicable to the IGETC must be completed in order to be accepted by CSU and UC. The IGETC will probably be most useful for students who want to keep their options open before making a final decision about transferring to a particular CSU or UC campus.

Independent Study - Individual study in areas not covered by a regular course.

Intersession - A period between two academic sessions or terms.

Limitations on Enrollment - A condition of enrollment which limits how students qualify for a particular program. Limitations apply to courses that include public performance or intercollegiate competition where a tryout or audition is necessary. Some courses require formal admission to a particular program in order to enroll (e.g. Associate Degree Nursing and Licensed Vocational Nursing programs).

Lower Division - Courses at the freshmen and sophomore level of college.

Major - An organized program of courses within a discipline leading to an Associate Degree or Vocational Certificate.

Matriculation - A process which brings a college and a student who enrolls for credit into an agreement for the purpose of realizing the student's educational objective. Primary components of matriculation are assessment, orientation, and counseling of new non-exempt students. The following students will be exempted from the matriculation process:

1. Students who have completed an Associate Degree or higher;

2. Students who seek to enroll in non-credit courses only.

Non-credit Course - Courses number 100 or above which grant no college credit or student grades. A non-credit course should not be confused with the credit/no credit grading option. A non-credit course is a course, which is approved by the district governing board, and meets the needs of enrolled student. In order to be eligible for state apportionment, such courses are limited to the following categories of instruction: Parenting, Basic Skills, English as a Second Language, Citizenship, education programs for disabled persons, short-term vocational programs with high employment potential, educational programs for older adults, education programs for home economics, health and safety education (Education Code Section 84757); and must be approved by the Chancellor's Office (Title 5, Section 55150).

Non-degree Credit Course - A credit course designated by the governing board as not applicable to the associate degree and is approved by the district governing board and falls within one of the categories:

1. precollegiate basic skills courses as defined in Title 5, Section 55502(d);

2. courses designed to enable students to succeed in college-level work (including, but not limited to, college orientation and guidance courses, and discipline--specific preparatory courses such as biology, history, or electronics) that integrate basic skills instruction throughout and assign grades partly upon the demonstrated mastery of those skills.

3. precollegiate occupational preparation courses designed to provide foundation skills for student preparing for entry into college-level occupational courses or programs.

4. essential occupational instruction for which meeting the standard o Title 5, Section 55002(a) of Title 5 is neither necessary nor require

One Course Waiver - A waiver from the assessment requirement may be granted by the Registrar to a student who wishes to enroll in a single course with no prerequisite. A student may extend this waiver for additional courses provided that the student continues to take no more than one course in each semester and provided the previous course to which the waiver had been applied was passed with a grade of "C" or better. Application of this waiver shall not exempt the student from other course requisites.

Open Entry - A course(s) which may be added to a program of study throughout the semester.

Open Exit - A course(s) which may be completed upon fulfillment of course requirements at any time during the semester.

Prerequisite - A condition of enrollment a student is required to meet in order to demonstrate current readiness for enrollment in a course or educational program.

Probation - A period of time in which a student is conditionally enrolled contingent upon either improvement of scholastic achievement, improvement of course completion ratio, and/or conduct compliance.

Program Changes - Adding or dropping classes after the original program.

Registration - The process of selecting and enrolling in classes and paying the required fees.

Schedule of Classes - A publication used during registration, providing the subject, description of course, course number, course title, units, time, instructor and location of classes offered.

Semester - A term of the academic year- Fall and Spring, each lasting approximately eighteen weeks.

Student Educational Plan (SEP) - Requirements a student must meet and the courses, programs, and services required to achieve the stated goal. The SEP is developed by the student and counselor.

Student Load - The number of course units in which a student enrolls in any given term. Full time status equals 12 or more units.

Successful Completion - A minimum grade of "C" or better or Credit.

TBA (To be announced/arranged-TBA) - A notation in the Schedule of Classes indicating when the time of a class may be arranged independently or that the location is to be announced.

Transcript - An official document of courses taken showing the final grade received. Official transcripts must bear a seal of the college and signature of a designated college official.

Transfer - Changing enrollment from one college to another after meeting the requirements for admission to the second institution.

Transfer Course - A course acceptable for credit from one college to another.

Units - A measure of college credit based on one unit for each lecture hour per week or for every two to three laboratory hours per week.

Units Attempted (UA) - Total number of units in which a student has enrolled.

Units Completed (UC) - Total number of units for which a student has received a grade of A, B, C, D, or F or Credit/No Credit.

U.C. - The University of California System

Upper Division - Courses or classes intended for the junior and senior years of college.

Variable Units - The range of units which may be earned in a given course (e.g. 1-3 units).

Withdrawal From College - Officially dropping all courses in a given term.

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