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Upon successful completion of the Law Enforcement Certificate, the student demonstrates skills, knowledge and training for a job in law enforcement. The student demonstrates his or her ability to recognize and understand the concepts and terminology that is needed to understand the California criminal justice system.

Total Units Required 62
Recommended Sequence:
First Semester Units

A J 21 Criminal Justice in Society 3

A J 22 Concepts of Criminal Law 3

ENG 1A Written Communications 3

SOCIO 1A Introduction to Sociology 3

ELECTIVE Elective Course 3

Second Semester

A J 23 Principles and Procedures of the

Justice System 3

A J 24 Legal Aspects of Evidence 3

POLSC 1 American Government and Institutions 3


HIST 17A History of the U. S. 3


HIST 17B History of the U. S. 3

COM ST 1A Fundamentals of Speech 3

ELECTIVE Elective Course 3

Third Semester

A J 25 Criminal Investigation 3

A J 31 Report Preparation 3

MATH 80 Elementary Algebra 4

C S 11 Fundamentals of Computer Science 3

ELECTIVE Elective Course 3

Fourth Semester

A J 28 Juvenile Law and Procedures 3


A J 54 Introduction to Probation & Parole 3

A J 40 Community Relations 3

ELECTIVE Humanities Requirement 3-5

Minimum total of 6 units in the following two courses

Natural Science Requirement 3-4

ELECTIVE Elective Course 2-3

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